Shaving, waxing and hair removal cream do their purpose well, but unfortunately, do need regular upkeep. The results are never long-term which can become a nuisance when trying to maintain silky smooth skin. However, there is now a solution to this issue, and that solution is laser hair removal.

Definition of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Milton Keynes is classed as a medical treatment, which uses high intense laser beams to damage the hair follicles, stopping them from future growth. As well as focusing on existing hairs, the laser will also focus on hairs that are at the start of the hair growth cycle, destroying them before they have a chance to get past the first stage. If you are unsure of the stages of the hair growth cycle, click here for a useful explanation with diagrams.

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What To Consider Before Your Treatment

Before you get a laser hair removal treatment, you will have to keep in mind that you will not achieve long-term results from just one treatment. You will see results from one session but expect to go back for a few sessions to get the results that you require. Regular sessions afterwards will be necessary to maintain long-term hair removal.

You will most likely be asked to shave the area in which you are getting the treatment a day or two before your treatment. Do not wax or pluck the area as it means that there will be no hair for the laser to focus on. You will also have to refrain from touching the hair after the treatment, which means no waxing, plucking or shaving, as it will disrupt the process, the hair needs to fall out naturally.

It is recommended to stay away from sun exposure before your treatment, as the laser cannot be used on areas of skin that are sunburnt. This also includes the use of sunbeds, as unfortunately for the best results, the treatment will have to be done on your natural skin tone. This is because the laser on the tanned skin may run the risk of discolouration. Most people opt for having their sessions through the colder months, as they are less likely to have the desire to tan. It also means that your results will be achieved by the time it gets to summer when you want to me hair-free the most!

When you first hear the term ‘laser hair removal’ you automatically think that it will be a painful process. Although of course, there will be some pain involved, many people are surprised how little their sessions hurt. People often describe the process to being flicked with an elastic band or an electric shock. Your session can be as long as you choose, if you are unsure if the pain may be too much, go for a shorter session initially to see how you get on. Then again, if you take well to pain, then you may choose to bite the bullet and get as much done in one session as possible. How painful the treatment will be depends on the area you are getting done, places like the upper lip will hurt more because the face is more sensitive.

Who Can Get Laser Hair Removal?

Anyone can get laser hair removal, but how successful the results are very much depends on each individual. In most cases, people who have darker hair and a lighter skin tone see the most effective results. The reason behind this is that the laser destroys the hair by targeting the pigment within it, which means the darker the pigment; the easier the laser will be able to target it to destroy it. There is nothing stopping people with lighter hair and a darker skin tone from getting the treatment, but the results cannot be promised, it is always recommended to get an expert opinion.

laser hair removal upper lip

What Areas Can You Get Treated?

There are several different areas you can get laser hair removal treatment on, some of which include:

  • Legs
  • Under Arms
  • Back and Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Bikini Line
  • Upper Lip

What To Expect On The Day Of Your Treatment

Before the day of your treatment, you would have had a consultation discussing your treatment and looking through documents such as your medical records. It is always recommended that you have a consultation, do not just turn up on the day for the treatment.

For the treatment day itself, you will most likely have a cooling gel applied to the area. Most practitioners will apply gel for you, but if not you could looking into getting SmoothStart Calming Gel. As mentioned before the pain is manageable and not severe, meaning there will be no need for measures such as numbing cream. As the treatment is done through high-beam lasers, you will need to wear protective goggles no matter the area to protect your eyes; your practitioner will be wearing the same. The laser will be a handheld device, which is pressed against the area of skin and you may feel a slight pulse of heat on the skin.

How long the treatment will take very much depends on the size of the area, places such as the back can take up to a couple of hours, whereas underarms will take considerably less time.

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What To Do After Your Treatment

Directly after your treatment expect for your skin to be red and slightly tender if it feels a little sore the best way for pain relief is to hold a cold compress or ice pack on the area. However, this should clear within a day or so. You should try your best to avoid any exposure to the sun, which includes both the sun itself and sun beds. Try also to avoid using too much product on the area until it is completely healed and the skin is back to normal; this also includes things such as exfoliating.

Although laser hair removal may seem like a big expense initially, it is very much worth it in the long run. Long-term hair removal will save both money and hassle in the future. We hope our article was useful and answered all of your laser hair removal related questions, if so why not share our article!

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