What Factors Will Be Involved In Training?

Training will commence with an in-depth explanation of how and why an intense light is used to safely break down colour pigments within the skin including the history behind laser tattoo removal; diagrams will be used to further understanding of the procedure.

During training, you will gain a full understanding of the theory behind the popular procedure taking into consideration all skin types you may be faced with and essential observations to take into account. Many different factors must be investigated before a decision can be made, this will also be covered.

Why Is It Critical To Understand The Theory Behind Procedures?

Introducing a new treatment to an established clinic means that all practitioners must be prepared to answer any questions a future or potential client may ask. An extensive knowledge maintains a strong sense of professionalism within an organisations meaning you are able to give guidance and advice to clients. You must be able to take every factor discussed in the initial consultation into consideration to create a tailored treatment plan. Some elements may mean that the client is unable to have the laser removal treatment due to safety precautions.

A client’s journey does not come to an end once their set of sessions are complete, laser consultants must also give sufficient aftercare instructions and advice on how to deal with all potential side effects, even those of extreme unlikelihood.

Preparing Your Clinic For Laser Tattoo Removal

Training will also include how to prepare your clinic for the introduction of laser tattoo removal including all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that will be required for both the practitioner and client. Your trainer will cover the legal responsibilities you have in regards to treatment room requirements and equipment you must provide. Lastly, you will be talked through the policies you must comply with revolving handling of client data and the structures you must implement prior to introducing a new treatment.

Purchase Equipment

Bianco Beauty is not only a medical aesthetic training academy, but you can also purchase the laser equipment required to perform laser tattoo removal on the completion of your training at our clinic, including Lumenis technology and many more.