Laser and IPL Training

Our laser and IPL training course will provide you with all theory and practical training required to gain your qualification and begin to introduce laser and intense pulse light-based treatments to your salon, clinic or independent business. All courses run by our Medical Aesthetic Training Academy are carefully constructed to give each learner an in-depth knowledge and the ability to learn at their own pace.

Methods and Procedures

During training, you will understand how to guide clients through their laser hair removal journey, from start to finish. Remaining compliant with all legislation, standards and guidelines is vital for running a successful business. One particularly important aspect you will gain an understanding of is the safety precautions and protection measures that must be active before offering the new treatment including how to prepare both your clinic and treatment rooms.

Any treatment involving technical equipment produces a host of potential hazards no matter how advanced the technology in use is, particularly when a laser involved. Through training, you will begin to understand the consequences of accidental exposure and how to avoid any potential risks. This includes how to perform an initial risk assessment and what telltale signs to keep an eye out for during the procedure.

Theory Knowledge

Your training will commence with understanding the basic laser and intense pulse light principles, walking you through the main characteristics of each and how they work during treatments. As the lasers will be used directly on the body, it is imperative to be taught how light and wavelengths filter through the skin and why protective equipment must always be used to shield the eyes.

Safety Management

Safety management plays a vital part in training; you must be able to prove that you can carry out a thorough risk assessment and the understand the dangers of exposing the skin or eyes to lasers in the incorrect manner. Both of which will be thoroughly explained by your trainer through a presentation using diagrams and videos with additional time set aside for questions and queries.

Included in the safety management section of your training will also be the legislation, laws and safety standards you must meet when introducing laser or IPL-based treatments to your business.

Types of Equipment and Introducing The Treatment

Our specialist trainers will provide support and give advice on how to introduce the treatment to your business, running through the different equipment on the market and the contributing factors of each. We will also give an insight into the different career paths you may want to consider and how you can further your knowledge and skills through additional training courses on a later date.

Bianco Beauty is official Lumenis laser consultants, which means that on completion of training, you will have the opportunity to purchase laser and IPL equipment from our training academy if required.