Are you one of the many people who spend a large chunk of your mornings perfecting your eyebrows? Are your eyebrows thin and fair and you dream of having chunky statement brows? The treatment of creating semi-permanent eyebrows is an ever-growing trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Why Have Semi-Permanent Eyebrows?

There are many different reasons as to why people may decide to have a cosmetic tattoo treatment. In the case of eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, a common issue is that people have natural light and sparse eyebrow hair or suffer from hair loss and want to achieve a fuller and more defined brow. Others are allergic to conventional makeup or just have no time in their mornings to spend time on applying makeup. If you are considering looking into a semi-permanent tattoo treatment or are interested in finding out a little more information, we have combined all of the information you need to know.

How Do I Know What Will Suit Me?

Although semi-permanent eyebrows are exactly what they say, semi-permanent, a common worry is that people do not want to run the risk of getting the treatment done and not liking it or it not suiting them. You won’t be stuck with the tattooing forever, but it will be hard to get rid of it immediately, it’s not like conventional makeup where it can simply be wiped off. If you get your treatment done by a trained professional, it is likely that they will be able to tell exactly what will suit you just through meeting you. They will try to work around what you already have, rather than making a whole new brow unless you are getting the treatment due to a condition such as alopecia. It is always recommended to do some of your research, compile together a bunch of dream eyebrow ideas to work from. If you are a little unsure as to what eyebrow shape would suit your face shape, take a look at this guide we have found.

Next is what look you aspire to achieve, do you want a natural finished look or a more defined brow? A natural looking brow will consist of a technique called ‘hairstrokes’, which are multiple thin lines made of several different colours. This would be more suited to those with a fairer complexion. A more defined brow would be created through block colouring with more of a flat finished look rather than the look of individual hairs.

close up of semi-permanent makeup

What Will The Treatment Consist Of?

Before any treatment can take place, it is essential that you first have a consultation. Here you will discuss your requirements, and you will look into what colours will be used for your tattooing. Your practitioner will try to match the colour as close to your natural colour as possible through mixing tailored shades until you reach the desired tone. As well as planning, you will also be taken through everything the procedure will consist of, as well as how to prepare yourself.

The treatment itself is pretty straightforward, as similar to a conventional tattoo, a stencil will be drawn out so you can have a last double check that it is exactly what you want. The machine used will be very similar to an ordinary tattooing pen, but has a considerably smaller tip made from tiny needles. This is dipped in the semi-permanent ink and then drawn onto the skin. The treatment will not be completely painless as your face is the most sensitive area of the body. However, most people say that it is a manageable pain and feels like an elastic band flicking the skin. If you are worried about the pain of the treatment, you can use numbing cream beforehand.

It can take up to a couple of hours to achieve the finished look, which may sound like a long time to tattoo a small area, but it is a very tedious process. Individual hairs have to be drawn on one by one, as your specialist has to ensure both eyebrows are completely even.

What Can I Expect After The Treatment?

After your treatment, your eyebrows will be a lot darker than you probably would have hoped, but this is completely normal. It will take a couple of days for the colour to settle down and fade to your ideal shade; so don’t panic if they look too dark. Alike your regular tattoo, there will be a slight scabbing, but if you follow the aftercare advice recommended by your professional, then this will clear in next to no time. It is likely that you will then have to go back in around a month for a quick touch up session and to review your finished look to ensure you are completely happy with your results. The amount of time that your semi-permanent makeup lasts for is very much based on each individual, as well as how you look after your tattoo. The time range can range anywhere from one to even three years.

eyebrow tattooing

As a whole, it is recommended to do lots of research and make sure you are entirely sure that you want the treatment before booking in. Your consultation is a good way of finding out all of the information that you are after to help your decision. Your practitioner’s main aim is to create complete customer satisfaction and give you the exact results that you dream of, so it is crucial you are completely honest about what you want.

Semi-permanent makeup has hugely advanced, which means that you are not just limited to getting your eyebrows tattooed, you can also get semi-permanent eyeliner and lips. You are also able to get both of these tailored to your look, whether this may be natural or dramatic. With semi-permanent lip makeup, you can bring in your favourite lipstick shade, and this can be colour matched. Or on the other hand, you can replicate your everyday eye makeup with semi-permanent eyeliner; this can be a simple line or even a winged liner.

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