Have you got thin or thinning hair and struggling of ways to make your hair appear thicker? There are so many different things you can now do to make your hair look fresh, full and voluminous. We are going to discuss how to make your hair look thicker.

How do I make my hair look thicker?

We know you’ve probably read a number of magazines and posts about how to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. We have chosen our top tips for keeping your hair look thicker and how to add a little volume.


People will often tell you that oils do wonders for your hair, while it may add a bit of shine to your lengthy locks it actually ends up weighing your hair down taking away any volume you previously had. Due to the components of oil, it becomes challenging to break down when washing and may take you a while to remove it all from your hair.


Some people try to avoid mousse as its widely known some can make your hair extremely crispy, but there is a range of mousses now available with more conditioning qualities. Kerastase offers a Volumifique Mousse which provides support and revives the hair with long-lasting volume.


Dont over dry your hair

If you over dry your hair too straight you often remove the elasticity and natural volume out of your hair. You will want to be gentle with your hair; we also recommend only combing your hair when wet. Try your utmost best to not over brush your hair, when your hair is wet it is more prone to damage.


A lot of people think extensions ruin your hair; they will only be damaging to your lock if you have them applied incorrectly. There are a variety of hair extensions types now available to you including La Weave, pre-bonded, micro rings, nano rings, micro ring weft and tape in hair extensions. While hair extensions are great for making your hair look longer, they are also great at giving your hair that extra bit of volume. We always recommend that to people with thinner hair often having your hair cut short to say shoulder length can drastically make your hair appear thicker. The longer your hair gets, the more it weighs which you will find drags the hair down making it look a lot thinner.


There are so many different styles of braids you can now do on your hair. Braiding is a brilliant way of making your hair appear thicker. Dutch braids are an easy style, once you are done braiding you need to pull gently on the outer loops which will help to make your hair appear fuller. The best part is that you can do this on most braids including fishtail braids.

Scalp micro-pigmentation

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a great non-surgical procedure that hides the effects of thinning and areas of hair loss. The procedure includes natural pigments of colour that are injected into the skin to fill the area where you feel you are losing hair or have extensive thinning. It is a great alternative to hair transplants and isn’t so drastic. The procedure is great for both women and men and can help show the appearance of hair where you may no longer have some.


When you have worn your hair in the same parting for years, your hair trains itself to automatically fall that when brushing and drying. We recommend flipping your hair on the opposite side and add a little texture spray to give it that added volume.

Dry shampoo

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are so many brands that now sell a range of dry shampoo products from scented ones to colour ones. Dry shampoo is great for adding texture at the roots for that added volume. Boots sell a range of dry shampoo products for a range of hair colours and scents.

Regular hair cuts

You’re probably fed up of your hairdresser telling you to come back every six to eight weeks. Having your hair cut regularly can make your hair thicker, having the dead parts of your haircut away such as split ends promotes healthy hair growth.

Cutting Hair

Tease your hair

Teasing is one of the ultimate tricks to creating volume to your roots and thickness to your hair. Tease small sections of the hair to get the desired volume; we then recommend you hairspray the teased section for that added security and gold throughout the day.


Keeping your hair healthy is one of the best things you can do for any hair type and colour. So you will want to start off with the basics, get yourself a good quality shampoo and conditioner. There a range of washing products on the market, you should check out volumising shampoo and conditioner to give you that added boost. If you have thin hair you should always keep the conditioner away from the roots; this will prevent your hair from getting too greasy quickly. Before drying add a mousse to the roots of your hair, make sure to take care of which mousse you purchase as some leave your hair crispy and dry. If you’re going to dry your hair, we suggest you tipping your hair upside down and blowdrying this will mean the roots of your hair stand on edge making your hair appear thicker. When not washing your hair we recommend applying dry shampoo, while making your hair look cleaner it is also great for adding that bit of extra texture.

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