A cosmetic tattoo, also known as semi-permanent makeup is the process in which the natural appearance of makeup is created through a process similar to what you could expect when getting a tattoo. Unlike what we see as a regular tattoo, a cosmetic tattoo is not permanent and will need to be topped up to maintain its look. Although semi-permanent makeup does fade over time, many people wish to speed up the process, and this is when they opt for cosmetic tattoo removal.

What Is Cosmetic Tattoo Removal?

The appearance of makeup is made through small pigments of colour being placed beneath the surface of the skin, therefore making it waterproof and permanent for a set amount of time until it starts to fade. A laser is used to remove a cosmetic tattoo through a high-intensity light within the which laser slowly starts to break up the pigments of colour. Natural colour pigments are only ever used for a cosmetic tattoo meaning that once the ink is broken into small parts, through time, it can be processed through the body and will eventually be removed naturally.

Close Up Of Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

What Are The Reasons For Cosmetic Tattoo Removal?

Each person is different which means that the amount of time that semi-permanent makeup lasts for very much depends on each individual. Aspects such as lifestyle and skin type are factors that contribute towards the fading process, along with the ink and technique used for your cosmetic tattoo. It is possible to go over your current tattoo with new pigment when it fades too much, but many people opt for removing the semi-permanent makeup entirely and then start fresh. For example, when it comes to semi-permanent eyebrows, trends change over time, and people often change the shape and style of their brows regularly. This means they may want to remove their current style and switch to a thinker, thinner or different shade shape.

Unfortunately, there are cases where people have experienced a botched job where they have been left with a cosmetic tattoo which did not match the specifications they stated. Their makeup may be the wrong colour, shape or too dramatic meaning that they want to get the issues resolved as soon as possible. The frustrating problem with this is that removal cannot be done immediately after your initial treatment. It is likely that for a week or so post semi-permanent makeup treatment; you will experience some scabbing in the area which makes it extremely dangerous to then press a high-intensity laser against it. The tattoo needs to be completely settled into the skin and healed with healthy skin, which means you will have to wait for at least a couple of months before you can consider getting your cosmetic tattoo removed.

Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Can All Semi-Permanent Makeup Be Removed?

The most common types of semi-permanent makeup are eyebrows, eyeliner and lip, all of which can be removed in a proven, safe treatment. Here is some brief information on cosmetic tattoo removal for each:

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a considerably more significant surface than other types of cosmetic tattoo and would have been created through many precise hairlines. This means that it can take up to five sessions to completely remove all traces of colour. It is possible to remove just part of your eyebrow tattoo if you wanted to reshape only a small section. Protective eye shields must be worn throughout the treatment, whether this is included in the price or purchased separately will depend on what clinic you book your treatment.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Any procedure involving the eye area has to be done very carefully because the area is so delicate, so it is crucial that you ensure that you book in with a highly trained professional. It is likely that removing eyeliner will be slightly more uncomfortable than other cosmetic tattoo treatments because the skin is fragile. As the eye will have to be closed to remove the eyeliner, instead of having protection over the eye, an eye shield will be placed under the eyelid, and then the eyelid closed on top of the shield, so the laser will not touch the eyeball.

Semi-Permanent Lips

Prominent colours such as shades of pink and red are used for semi-permanent lip makeup meaning that they are likely to take a little longer to remove. Many people claim that the pain is manageable but again the lips are a sensitive part of your face, so removal will not be completely pain-free.

Lip Cosmetic Tattoo Removal


It is common to experience some swelling immediately after cosmetic tattoo removal, and the area will be slightly tender for a couple of days. You will not be restricted to getting on with your day to day activities, but it is always recommended, similarly to most other treatments, to stay away from sun exposure and UV rays until the area has completely healed. Try to refrain from using perfumed and strong products on the skin as it may cause irritations which could eventually lead to infection. To stop the surface from drying out and cracking, you can apply an Aloe Vera gel to keep the area hydrated. Your skin will heal itself through your body’s natural resources, but there is no harm in using healing cream to aid the process.


As a whole, the process of cosmetic tattoo removal is a very straightforward process, and the skin heals itself in minimal time. Many different situations may lead you to consider removing your semi-permanent makeup, and it is a choice that takes a lot of thought into the pros and cons. The amount of sessions that you will require depends on each person, and this should be discussed after your first treatment. If you do opt for cosmetic tattoo removal, then you must make sure that your treatment is done by a medically trained professional who is qualified to do the procedure. This will dramatically lessen the risk of future issues occurring.

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