When analysing your daily routine, how high of a priority is skincare? Is it a task you strictly stick to religiously and ensure you do no matter the situation? Or is at the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list and you fit in when you remember to do so?

Either way, at some point it is more than likely that you will experience at least one of the many signs of dehydrated skin, some of which you may not realise is your skin crying out for some well needed TLC.

Signs Of Dehydrated Skin

Everyone has a different skin type, which means that some of us, unfortunately, are more prone to having dehydrated skin than others. Within the skin is sebum, which in simple terms is the oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are in every area of the body apart from your palms and soles of your feet, and some areas of the body produce more sebum than others. The amount of sebum that your body produces on your face determines your skin type. People with ‘oily’ skin have too much sebum, ‘dry’ skin have not enough sebum, ‘combination’ skin has a mix of both oily and dry, and ‘normal’ skin has a perfect balance.

Many people mistake the symptoms of dry skin with the signs of dehydrated skin, when in fact all skin types can lack moisture. Here is the top tell tale signs you may need to rejuvenate your skin.


When the top layer of the surface of your skin lack moisture, it causes an itchy and irritated feeling, making you want to itch consistently, this is when skin conditions such as eczema become more apparent. The weather is the primary cause of itchy skin, and this involves both warmer and colder temperatures. In the Winter, the humidity in the air is lower than usual, which over time, dries out the skin. When the weather is colder, you are more likely to turn your heating on full blast to warm up the room; this dries out the air, and when there is no moisture in the air, it turns to your skins natural moisture instead. On the other hand, during warmer weather, we turn to air conditioning which can be just as bad for your skin as it confuses your body’s natural balance of moisture. Brands such Aveeno and E45 are leading for anti-itch moisturisers, but if you wanted a more natural alternative, jojoba oil is just as effective.

Jojoba Oil

Thinner Skin

Your skin’s elasticity is a useful indication to show whether you lack in hydration, this can be used to test dehydration of the body as well as any area of the skin. The best and proven way to test dehydration is the ‘pinch test’, which you are likely to have tried in the past without realising its accurate indications. Lay your hand, stretched out, palm down onto a surface and gently pinch the back of your hand for a couple of seconds. If once you release the skin, it immediately bounces back normally, you are hydrated. If your skin stays pinched and as if it stuck together, you are dehydrated, the best way to resolve this is to drink plenty of water.

Skin Appears Dull

Have you ever had a great nights sleep yet still wake up with dull and tired looking skin, wondering where you are going wrong? A dull appearance is another implication that your skin is dehydrated because the less hydrated your skin is, the less the blood flow pumps to your skin. The main component of your skin cells is water, so lack of hydration causes skin cells to become dry and flaky, creating less of a glowing appearance and more of a dull complexion. Dry and flaky skin can easily be removed through an exfoliator that is kind to the skin, take a look at this useful Glamour Magazine article on the top 20 face exfoliators.

exfoliating facial

Sensitive Skin

If your skin starts to feel increasingly sensitive and seems tender, for example, when applying makeup, it means you should take a look at both your diet and how much fluids you drink daily. We all know that a balanced diet is essential to keep our body healthy, but this also applies to your skin along with drinking plenty of water. When skin is sensitive, try to refrain from using skin care products which has harsh ingredients such as lots of perfume or heavy exfoliants and face peels. Be kind to your skin while it is healing itself and use natural products like brands such as Simple and instead of an exfoliant, use a cleansing brush along with your face wash. For more skin care advice take a look at our previous article on 7 natural skincare tips!

Skin Feels Tight

When your skin feels tight, and as if it could easily crack, it means that it lacks its natural oils making it less flexible. Cleansing the face too much with water which is too warm is the main culprit of stripping oils from the face. Instead, use an oil-based cleanser or face wash until your skin feels rejuvenated again and only use water which is lukewarm, instead of hot. If you wanted instant rejuvenation, treat yourself to a facial by a professional, who will also be able to recommend products to you.

Woman Washing Her Face


Although at the time it may seem like a complete disaster to have dehydrated skin, the great thing is that your skin is always repairable. The best way to heal is to use your body’s natural resources to repair damaged skin cells; you can just give it a little helping hand by changing aspects of your lifestyle and taking time out to care for your skin.

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