With the trend of flawlessly shaped and styled eyebrows being the centre point of your look growing in popularity, it has become even more important than ever to achieve picture-perfect brows. One of the biggest part to play in the quest for gaining immaculate brows is finding the shape and style that matches not only your tone but also your face shape. If you’re currently contemplating whether your eyebrows need a revamp, here is our guide on how to find the ideal eyebrow shape and style for you.

How To Find The Ideal Eyebrow Shape for You

Here at Bianco Beauty, we are experts in semi-permanent eyebrows and eyebrow tinting. Before even considering starting the process, we plan out the shape and style on the client to ensure they are perfectly suited to their face. This means we can visually estimate the outcome and make any necessary changes prior to starting.

Whether you brave doing your eyebrows at home or look forward to the monthly treat of visiting your favourite beauty salon, it is vital to work out what shape would compliment your face and enhance your features the most, starting with your face shape.

How To Measure Your Face Shape

First things first, you need to take a few measurements to define your face shape. Although this sounds strange, the best way to achieve this is to take a fabric tape measure and section by section, note down the measurements of your face. The four sections of the face you will need to determine your face shape are:

  • Forehead Width
  • Cheekbones Width
  • Jawline Width
  • Face Length

The main five face shapes are round, square, heart, long and oval. Once you have each measurement, use the following guide to discover your shape:


If your cheekbones and face length holds a similar measurement and then your forehead and jawline also have a similar length, your face shape is round.


All sections of your face hold a similar measurement.


The measurements of your face go from the longest to the shortest in the following order: forehead, cheekbones then jawline, the jawline is generally in a pointed shape.


Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are a similar shape, but your face length is considerably longer.


If you hold an oval-shaped face, then your face length will be a larger measurement than your cheekbone and your forehead bigger than your jawline.

Face Shapes

How To Measure The Perfect Eyebrow Length

Not only is it important to gain an understanding of your face shape, but also to measure the perfect eyebrow length and pinpoint where your arch should peak. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to measure your eyebrow shape:

  • Grab a makeup brush; a thinner, longer brush would work best
  • Place the brush against the edge of the outside of your nostril and hold it horizontally up
  • The spot in which the brush touches is the start of your brow
  • Next sit straight, looking directly into the mirror, measure from the same starting spot, but this time pointing towards your pupil
  • This is where the highest peak of your brow arch should be places
  • Lastly, again start from the same spot but point towards the edge of your eye
  • This is where your eyebrow should end

Close Up Of Eye Makeup

How To Match Your Eyebrow Style To Your Face Shape

Next is the trickiest part, it’s time to decide on the style and shape of your eyebrow that will compliment your face shape best. As mentioned previously, the brow should enhance your natural beauty and highlight your most prominent, distinct features.


For a round face shape, an angularly shaped eyebrow is best. A higher arch with a solid definition, angled at the corners is the best way to create the appearance of a more noticeable bone structure.


Generally, people who have a square face shape have stronger natural features, so eyebrows should be used to soften up the face. Try to go for a rounder shaped brow with a lower arch and stay away from thicker eyebrows.


Those with a heart-shaped face are thought to possess more feminine, delicate features, so this should be suited to the brow. Go for a soft, round and petite eyebrow with a slight curve to suit the heart shape.


Compliment the theme of a longer face shape with flat, straight looking eyebrows. Having a long face shape gives you the opportunity to extend your eyebrows further. however, you do opt to extend your eyebrows, ensure they do not curve at the end as it could cause your eyes to look droopy.


Luckily, if you have an oval face, you are seen as having the most proportioned facial features meaning you can get away with naturally shaped eyebrows without the need for much additional work.

Tips To Maintain Perfect Eyebrows

Lastly, we’ve devised a small list of the top tips to maintain your eyebrows and keep them perfect at all times:

  • Tweezer only one hair at a time as it will reduce the risk of spots forming or skin irritation
  • If you find it painful to tweezer hairs, try putting on some moisturiser before to soften the skin making it easier to pull out hairs
  • Keep eyebrows looking neat by trimming them regularly by brushing up the hairs with a reusable mascara wand and trimming small eyebrow scissors. Only trim the longest hairs to reduce the risk of patchiness
  • If you suffer from thin eyebrows and looking to thicken them up naturally, there are products such as growth gels available

Tweezers On Eyebrows

You’re Now On The Road To Flawless Eyebrows…

We hope that this article has been helpful and has banished all of your eyebrow related questions. It is a simple and surprisingly fun task to measure your features to determine your face shape and most suited eyebrow style. A perfectly suited eyebrow can dramatically change your appearance and positively enhance your features. If this article has been helpful, why not share it on social media?

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