For many, the thought of experiencing hair loss and balding is unimaginable, and they instantly try to conjure up a whole host of different remedies and solutions to minimise the problem. In some cases, suffering hair loss is unavoidable with age or due to an illness, but in other instances, there are ways to reduce the risk of balding. Here we discuss the types of hair loss and balding, the main causes and simple ways to resolve the appearance.

What Causes Hair Loss And Balding?

Although there is a lengthy list of reasons as to why you may experience hair loss, all cases fall into one of two different category types.

The first category is any causes that are formed through genetics, the most common of which is hereditary pattern baldness, which although is generally linked with men, also affects women. Genetic hair loss comes with age, through time sufferers will start to notice their hair slowly thinning. Unfortunately, if you do have genetic baldness, the hair loss is permanent, there is very little likelihood of treatments rejuvenating growth. In men, hair loss begins at the front of the crown, continuing to recede further back, which makes it tricky to hide. Whereas, with women, for the first stages, hair loss can be hidden as the process starts in the middle of the head.

As oppose to genetics which cannot be helped, the second category of hair loss is titled reactive, which is your body reacting to something that you may have done to trigger hair loss. This ranged from anything from a bad diet to stress. Luckily, with a successful course of treatments or a change in lifestyle, reactive hair loss, in the majority of cases, can be reversed and healthy hair growth encouraged.

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What Are The Most Common Triggers Of Reactive Hair Loss?

Stress and Anxiety

One of the most common signs of severe stress or anxiety is hair loss, and many people do not realise they suffer from these until they notice their hair falling out. Over the past few years, awareness of alopecia had increased. When the body is under intense stress, it starts to attack the hair follicles gradually, resulting in large clumps of hair falling out at once. Others who suffer from constant anxiety take out their stress by unintentionally pulling our strands of hair, this is a condition named Trichotillomania.

Lack Of Vital Nutrients

Many different deficiencies result in hair loss; it is a sign that your body is crying out for its essential nutrients, some cased cause caused by crash diets and others cannot be helped.

A lack of protein is due to a bad diet and causes the hair follicles to go straight from the growth stage of its life cycle to the resting stage. Your hair is made from a protein called keratin, so with a lack of foods such as fish, eggs and dairy, the follicles cannot property form. Keratin is also disrupted if you suffer from anaemia, which is an iron deficiency.

Vitamin B12 deficiency mainly comes apparent with age as it’s harder for your body to take in nutrients naturally as you get older, but is also common for vegans. Vitamin B12 is vital for your red blood cells, whose main role is to pump oxygen around the body, but to help the reproduction of DNA. If DNA cannot be replicated and oxygen cannot reach the scalp, then hair cannot healthily grow.

How Can Hair Loss Be Resolved Or Avoided?

Specialised Treatments

Luckily for everyone living in this generation, there is almost a solution for everything that may occur. There are specialised treatments available for both those who suffer from long term and short term hair loss.

For short-term hair loss, there are many ways to create the appearance of thicker hair in the meantime until your hair starts to grow more regularly naturally. For more information, take a look at our previous article on how to make your hair look thicker.

In the worst case scenario of long-term baldness, scalp micro-pigmentation is a fantastic, effective solution. Scalp micro-pigmentation is a non-surgical solution to creating the appearance of hair follicles. A trained professional will pinprick small pigments of colour into the scalp, one tiny dot at a time to shade in balding areas.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation At Bianco Beauty

Change In Diet

Ditch the crash diets, they are more than likely causing you more harm than good and instead focus on maintaining a balanced diet in which you intake the correct amount of each nutrient. This could even include small changes in your eating routine, switch your mid-morning snack to a handful of peanuts or almonds, both of which are rich in protein. For more protein-rich superfoods, take a look at this handy article we found!


Although the correct hair care cannot guarantee that you will never experience hair loss, especially if it is in your genetics, it can reduce the risk of triggering a lack of regrowth. Try to avoid regular hairstyles that put your hair at great strain and pull on tiny hairs, over time it starts to thin down your hair.

Unless you have perfect hair from the moment you wake up, it can be an unrealistic tip to say never use heat on your hair. Of course, excessive heat is damaging, but using straighteners or curlers now and again doesn’t necessarily mean broken hair. Always remember to use a heat protecting spray before applying any heat. For extra care, applying an intensive moisture mask every couple of weeks will stop your hair from drying out.

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Lastly, Don’t Panic

As mentioned previously, stress and anxiety are one of the most common causes of hair loss, if this starts to impact your hair do not panic. Speak to a medical professional such as your local GP and they will reassure you that the hair can be revived. Many prescribed treatments and medication for conditions such as alopecia are available. Worrying more will only make the situation worse, be patient, hair follicles take on average six weeks to rebegin its life cycle.

We hope that our article has been helpful and resolved any questions or woes regarding the topic of hair loss and balding. If it was useful, why not share on social media?

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