If you are one of the many people who suffer from sensitive skin, it can be frustrating when a sudden rash appears, or you wake up with a breakout that seems to have come from nowhere. It sometimes seems as if no matter how careful you are, your skin continues to deteriorate. However, through extensive research and using our extensive knowledge of the industry, we’ve constructed a list of the best beauty tips for those with sensitive skin.

5 Of The Best Beauty Tips

It can be easy to see yourself spending a fortune on the newest, high-end beauty products in the hope that they will reduce the sensitivity of your skin. Although the description may promise you glowing, airbrushed skin, it very rarely is entirely true. The road to clear, blemish-free skin starts with basic knowledge of your skin type and how to manage its downsides.

So, keep reading for our top tips to maintain gorgeous, clear skin!

Don’t Over Cleanse

When you notice a break-out, often the first thought is scrub all of the dirt from the skin, but this actually causes more harm than good. Scrubbing the skin causes irritation, especially during periods of bad skin, you want to calm down the spots rather than aggravate them. Not only does excessive cleansing irritate the skin, but continuously taking off the top layer of the spot makes it highly more likely that you will end up with scarring.

Over cleansing also removes the top protective layer of the skin including the oil. Removing essential oils from your skin will make your face feel tight and lacking elasticity. For more information on dehydrated skin and how to resolve the issue, take a look at our previous article on 5 Simple Signs Of Dehydrated Skin.

We recommend that when you are cleansing your skin, opt for hypoallergenic products. Hypoallergenic products are specially made for those who suffer from sensitive skin and are thoroughly cleared of any ingredients that run the risk of an allergic reaction.

Woman Washing Face With Water

Always Patch Test

When purchasing a new product, whether it is makeup, skincare or hair products, the eagerness to try it out immediately is at an ultimate high. However, without raining on your parade, we suggest that you always leave time for a patch test before rushing in and using a product that may irritate the skin. Companies regularly update their products with new ingredients to maximise the results customers achieve. Although this is great if the small alterations are successful, unknown ingredients increase the risk of an allergic reaction.

A patch test is quick and easy; it only takes a few minutes. Pop a small, pea-sized amount of product to a cotton bud and place it either behind your ear or in your inner arm. Always leave the product to dry before dressing. Leave the product on the skin for 24-48 hours depending on the recommendations that can be found on the label of the packaging. If you experience no irritation, then fantastic, enjoy pampering yourself with your new purchase. However, if the area becomes itchy or you feel a burning sensation, then, unfortunately, you should probably give it a miss.

Be Careful With Makeup

It is almost impossible to sway, in particular, makeup enthusiasts into ditching the makeup for a fresh face. Sensitive skin should never mean that you cannot wear makeup at all, you just have to be more careful with application and skincare.

Makeup essentially clogs up the pores making you more liable for a breakout of spots. To lower the risks, opt for a light foundation rather than a heavy, long wear foundation. A combination of a quality primer, light foundation and touches of concealer over blemishes can create the same appearance of a heavy foundation, while still giving your skin room to breath.

Always check the expiry dates on your makeup. Although there is not a specific ‘use-by’ date, there is a small icon somewhere on your packaging with the number of months the product should be kept for. The recommended expiry day is usually 12 to 24 months from purchase. Makeup past its expiry date starts to produce and grow bacteria, increasing the risks of infections.

If you seem to have a negative reaction to almost every cosmetic brand, then a great alternative is to consider semi-permanent makeup. Semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lips are all available and results last for around a year before you will need a slight top up. The huge advantage is that not only can your makeup be tailored to your exact style, but all ingredients used are made from natural pigments, therefore completely safe for sensitive skin!

Ewelina Semi Permanent Makeup

Invest In Silk Pillowcases

At first, it seems like a strange concept that your pillowcase choice can have an impact on your skin, but opting for a silk pillowcase does, in fact, contribute to a reduction in breakouts.

Normal pillowcases made from, for example, cotton or polyester, harbour all of the dirt from your skin and dust built up over time. Sleeping on this dirt and dust for hours each night will force it into your skin and clog pores. Whereas silk repels all dust, dirt, mould and any other toxins and will not stick to your pillowcase, therefore keeping your skin clean.

Another benefit of silk is that it doesn’t absorb any of the moisture from your skin meaning that no essential oils are lost while you sleep.

Homemade Face Masks

One of the biggest downsides to having sensitive skin is that brands use it as a marketing technique, claiming that they use specialist ingredients, therefore considerably up the prices. Rather than spending a fortune on skincare, there are many DIY natural facemasks that are just as effective and will not next to nothing to make.

When creating your face masks, go for ingredients that calm and soothe the skin like natural yoghurt, banana and milk. Although it may not look and smell as appealing as shop bought face masks, your skin will most definitely thank you for it and it means you can keep on track of everything you put on your skin.

One of the best DIY face masks is blended yoghurt and oatmeal. For more ideas and a full guide to how to make your own face masks, take a look at this Stylecraze article.

For an extra helpful tip, always remove face masks with a clean face cloth soaked in warm water. Warmth naturally opens up your pores, so you will be able to remove dirt gently without having to scrub the skin and cause irritation.

Homemade Oatmeal Facemask


We hope that our article has been helpful and have given those with sensitive skin a little more hope that clear, blemish-free skin doesn’t have to be a dream! With small alternations to your daily routine and a little extra TLC, we can guarantee that your skin will repay you!

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