When it comes to beauty trends, there are many that, at first, seem ridiculous and we promise ourselves we’ll never adhere to the peculiar new movement, but give it a couple of months and we’re all rushing to the shop to grab the products before they sell out!

You can never accurately predict the next popular hairstyle, makeup technique or skincare product that claims to win you celebrity-like look, which is, in fact, all part of the fun!

So, to stick to the theme, here we discuss the top beauty trends of 2018 so far that we’re obsessing about!

Top Beauty Trends To Try At Home!

From unique hairstyles to bold makeup, the catwalk sees it all first and is one of the main hotspots for sparking a new worldwide trend. Trends evolve quickly, and what you love now, you’ll probably look back at this time next year wondering why you ever let yourself go out like that!

The significant factor about this years beauty trends is that they are ultimately timeless and we’re sure that they’ll stick around!

Glowy Skin

Nothing says Summer like glowy, dewy skin. Gone are the days where we spend hours trying to hunt down the ultimate matte foundation that won’t leave us looking cakey and over-powdered. One of the best things about the trend of dewy finish skin is that it dramatically cuts down the number of steps in your daily makeup routine, the more natural and healthy looking, the better.

When it comes to glowy skin, you are simply never fully dressed without a dusting of your favourite highlighter with just about every makeup brand recreating their very own strobe range. Fenty Beauty highlighters are a long-running favourite with Revolution Beauty dupe being an affordable alternative.

A touch of highlighter on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, under the brows and in the corner of your eyes will help you to achieve the ultimate glow, not to mention make you look amazing in photos!

Makeup Brushes

Metallic Lips

In the past, the only way to achieve a shimmer would be through the excessive use of glitter, which although looks great, proves impossible to get rid of when you’re done. Glitter gets absolutely everywhere and seems to stick around for weeks after use, no matter how many times you shower and hoover up.

Luckily for us, metallic lips have been introduced, which gives that little bit of glitz without the hassle and mess of glitter. Metallic lips are perfect for when you have a short time to get ready, but still, want to make a statement. Not only will metallic lipstick make you stand out from the crowd, but it also has the advantages of highlighter and can help to define and contour your lip shape – we love NYX Cosmetics’ new range!

metallic makeup

Brightening Masks

Everyones loves a pamper and what’s a better way than treating your skin to a nourishing brightening mask. Face masks have always been popular, but they have grown to become the number one way to achieve blemish-free skin.

Under eye masks are an easy option if you suffer from tired looking eyes and are always on the go. Pop on a patch under each eye in the morning pre-makeup and within minutes, puffiness, bags and dark circles will all be reduced, brightening the eyes ready for the busy day ahead.

If you suffer from spots or blackheads, you may want to consider investing in a good charcoal clay mask. Last year, we saw our social media filled with videos of the peal off charcoal face masks promising to remove blackheads completely. Although they do contribute to a reduction in the build-up of dirt, they also rip off a whole layer of your skin, often making it less of a relaxing pamper and more of an uncomfortable, eye-watering experience. So, alternatively opt for an activated charcoal clay mask, which will dry in a few minutes and then will require you to soak off in warm water. The activated charcoal ingredients will unclog your pores and over time, eventually shrink them, reducing the risk of future breakouts.

Along with brightening masks, often come, anti-ageing agents, in particular, if you opt for a collagen mask. Collagen masks can be picked up on the high street but are more effective if you use one after a GeneO+ facial.

charcoal facemask

Pop Of Colour

Adding a pop of colour can sometimes seem like a scary thought, it’s a risk that will always pay off if you embrace it! There are a whole host of different ways you can add a touch of colour to your makeup, whether this may be through lipstick or eyeshadow.

If you’re planning to switch up your regular eyeshadow shades and brave something new, here are some colour ideas for each eye colour:

  • Blue Eyes: Coral, champagne and rusty hues are perfect for enhancing blue making them more prominent.
  • Green Eyes: Shades of purple look gorgeous against green eyes, depending on how brave you are, you could experience with plum or lilac shades.
  • Brown Eyes: Royal blue is great for making brown eyes appear brighter and bigger.
  • Hazel Eyes: Adding gold to hazel eyes will help to bring out the yellow undertones in your iris.

colourful eyeshadow palette

Wispy Eyelashes

Each year we see a different craze of eyelash trends and this year is no different, Hollywood stars and runway models are all sporting the wispy lash. Long, fluffy lashes can bring a sense of glamour to any look and leaves little need for any other additional makeup. Linking back to our previous point on a pop of colour, a bold red lip perfectly compliments a set of wispy lashes, with no need for any other eye makeup.

It is a known fact that the application of false eyelashes is a real skill that takes a while to perfect. To take away the hassle, why not treat yourself to eyelash extensions. The 1:1 ratio achieves a wispy, natural and subtle look.

applying eyelash extensions

Bespoke Nail Art

If you visit the nail bar regularly, you will understand the struggle of picking your next nail colour; it’s a girls hardest dilemma! You’ve used up all of your favourite shades, so what next? This seems like the perfect time to try out something new with bespoke nail art.

From recreating a cartoon of your favourite character to adding a cute, subtle pattern, almost any design can be added to your nails. For more ideas, take a look at our previous article titled ‘5 DIY Nail Design Ideas’.

What Beauty Trends Are Your Favourite?

We hope that you loved the idea of these trends as much as we did, we’d love to hear how you got on with trying them out!

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