In the weeks leading up to tieing the knot, luckily, all of the tedious rather dull tasks such as sending invitations and budgeting are complete, and you’ve finally reached the exciting stage, it’s now all about ‘you time’. Get ready to pamper yourself, make all of your essential maintenance appointments and book in your trials days. Wedding day beauty prep, as a bride, is one of the most exciting parts of the build-up to your special day, you can finally sit back and relax while your glam team work their magic!

Wedding Day Beauty Prep

Absolutely every bride hopes to leave everyone speechless the moment they walk into their ceremony venue. Whether you opt for a more natural look or dramatic, the key to a stress-free wedding morning is to make all of your preparations in advance, from hair trials to detoxing your skin.

So, if you’re the lucky bride approaching your wedding day, keep reading for the ultimate guide to bridal beauty preparations.

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Focus On Skincare

There is nothing worse than waking up on the day of a special occasion to a breakout or angry blemishes, not to mention on your wedding day! Taking every precaution possible to ensure that your skin is glowing with perfection must commence at least two months before your big day.

Always avoid experimenting with new skincare or makeup products in the months leading up to the wedding date, although you may not suffer from sensitive skin, there is still the risk of an allergic reaction. Some products show signs of allergies immediately after use, and others take a while to make an impact on your skin. Play it safe and stick to your old favourites you know are kind to your skin and will not cause any rashes or irritation.

For a natural glow, start detoxing your skin in advance, this can be achieved merely through a few lifestyle changes. One of the primary ways of naturally detoxing the skin, which we all know but often forget, is drinking water. Warm water with a slice of fresh lemon is the perfect detox drink, helping to clear your skin and flush toxins from the body. Aim to gently exfoliate your skin every few days to remove all dirt from your pore, lessening the risk of blackheads appearing. Lastly, and the most important skin care tip is to get plenty of sleep. It’s understandable that you may be super busy with wedding planning, but never forget to get your well deserved beauty sleep.

water with lemon

Trial Days

Never underestimate the importance of a trial day for both your hair and makeup. There would be nothing worse than a disaster on the day of your wedding due to your hair and makeup not turning out how you had hoped. A trial appointment is a perfect opportunity to test the skills of your stylist or makeup artist, and if the final result isn’t to your standards, you will have plenty of time to track down another, more advanced professional.

If you hope to add an extra touch of glitz on your wedding day through hair accessories, be sure to bring them along with you to your trail. It means your stylist will be able to experiment incorporating the accessory, for example, a veil or comb, into your desired style hiding any clasps or pins.

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Master Tanning

Mastering the perfect, streak-free, natural tan is a challenge in itself, so if you aim to be a bronzed goddess on your big day, get practising as soon as possible. Luckily, nowadays we are spoilt for choice with the many self-tan options perfect for achieving a subtle tan. If you’re unsure about the best self-tan products, take a look at this Cosmopolitan article for some award-winning inspiration!

Alternatively, you could enlist the help of a professional and take a visit to your trusted beautician for a spray tan. We specialise in St Tropez spray tanning Milton Keynes, guaranteed to leave you with a seamless, non-sticky tan in less than 15 minutes. Similarly to hair and makeup trials, always experiment with spray tanning a few times before your big day. This will help you to determine the shade you prefer the most to compliment your stunning white dress.

Never forget to exfoliate your body and carry out any hair removal methods before attempting to fake tan or have a spray tan, it is vital for achieving a seamless, natural glow!

Beauty Appointments

All beauty appointments such as eyebrows and eyelashes need to be booked in advance to ensure your ideal dates and times are available.

Everyone has their designated eyebrow technician who we trust with our lives, so booking months in advance will guarantee that you do not have to put the fate of your eyebrows in a stranger’s hands. Give yourself enough time to grow out your eyebrows pre-appointment for full results.

Not all brides would like to book an eyelash appointment ready for their wedding day, however, if you do, aim for booking a slot one or two days before. Particularly if you opt for eyelash extensions Milton Keynes, the fresher the lashes, the better!

eyelash extension application

Hair Removal

Everyone has their preferred method of hair removal, whether this may be laser hair removal, waxing or shaving, all of which need to be carried out at different timings. If you would like a long-term solution to hair removal, taking into consideration laser hair removal Milton Keynes would be an excellent recommendation. Laser hair removal sessions must commence several months before the date of your wedding to ensure that full results are achieved on time for both your big day and honeymoon.

Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone; it is sometimes easier to stick with what you know. For more information on the different hair removal options, take a look at our previous article.

Neutral Nails

You are undeniably going to be asked all day to show off your wedding ring, so of course, your nails must be looking immaculate. Most brides go for a neutral colour for their wedding nails to maintain the elegant theme, ranging from soft pink shades to off white tones. To avoid the risk of chipping your nails before the day, go for gel nail polish instead.

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We see many brides putting themselves on crash diets on the weeks leading up to their wedding day, which not only is bad for your health but will put you under immense pressure. Instead, start your healthy eating and exercise journey around six months before the end date. Giving yourself extra time means that there is less stress to eat clean every day, the odd treat will be okay and you can get into the routine of swapping sugary snacks for healthy alternatives.

Weekly exercise gives you the perfect opportunity to clear your mind, especially if you can see yourself slipping into bridezilla mode!

Lastly, Treat Yourself To A Massage

With the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, it can sometimes it hard to fit in time to relax and have some ‘me time’. Our last tip is most likely the most relaxing and luxurious, book an afternoon off planning and treat yourself to a massage at your favourite spa. The lead up to your wedding should be an exciting time, so never forget to look after yourself and enjoy your once in a lifetime day!

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