At our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes, we are regularly asked the question of ‘what is the difference between semi-permanent makeup and microblading?’ It is a topic that many people, even beauticians, are somewhat unsure of; however, many different factors differentiate the two popular treatments apart.

We opt for only providing semi-permanent makeup as we believe it is a safer and more effective option for our clients to achieve perfect brows. To uncover the main differences, answer any unsolved queries and to explain why chose the route of semi-permanent eyebrows, we’re going to discuss the topic of microblading vs semi permanent makeup.

Microblading Vs Semi Permanent Makeup

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the definition of each treatment and the method that makes them so different from each other. Although the results may look the same, you can expect contrasting approaches, as well as equipment, to achieve your outcome.

What is Microblading?

Microblading utilises a manual method of adding colour to the eyebrows. Hair strokes are created by slicing into the skin to insert pigment into the upper layer of skin. Small scratches are made on the surface to create the appearance of singular strands of hair. The pigment is scratched into the skin using a group of tiny needles that are formed into a blade-like device attached into a pen to create a more precise finish.

microblading tool

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup involves no cutting, scratching or trauma to the skin. Instead, a digital handheld device is used to place colour pigment onto the surface, rather than into the layers. Hair strokes are drawn using just one ultra-thin needle on the end of the specialist device; the pigment will sink just one to two millimetres into the dermis layer of the skin.

semi permanent makeip tool

Do The Treatments Hurt?

One of the most frequently asked questions clients are unsure on when they book in for our semi-permanent makeup Milton Keynes, is whether it will hurt. Semi-permanent makeup application is not painful; however, microblading is, and this is one of the main mix-ups people have when considering each treatment.

Microblading causes trauma to the skin, which differs in severity due to how deep the artist goes into the skin. This technique relies on creating results by cutting into the skin and placing pigment in the layers meaning it will be painful and it will bleed. The majority of people do require a numbing cream to stand the pain, which can be picked up from many different drugstores or online, often your clinic of choice will provide you with products. If not, two of the most popular numbing cream brands for this treatment are Zensa and J Pro.

On the other hand, semi-permanent makeup only comes alongside a slight discomforting feeling that the majority of clients do get used to incredibly quickly. As only one fine needle is used, the pigment is placed on top of the skin which then penetrates through. No cutting is involved, just a minimal amount of trauma is caused and only on extremely rare occasions will the skin bleed.

making stencil for microblading

What Are The Side Effects Of Each?

As the skin is cut, after microblading, your eyebrows will scab over a few times. This means that during the healing process, the skin will become itchy; however, it is highly recommended not to itch or pick the dead skin. Picking off scabs will run the risk of an uneven, multiple toned final colours that you are unlikely to be happy with. You must also avoid washing your eyebrows and the surrounding skin for around a week after your microblading appointment, as continuously wetting the scabs will disrupt the healing process.

After semi-permanent makeup, rather than scabbed and cut, the skin is likely only to be slightly red and tender. Similarly to microblading, it is recommended to avoid applying excessive skincare and cosmetic products to the skin during the healing period.

What Is The Difference In The Final Look?

It is the clients choice how natural or dramatic the final outcome is, and this applies to both microblading and semi-permanent makeup. Both a subtle, fine hair stroke method or a thicker, block brow can be achieved. If you are unsure on what style would suit you best, take a look at this Eyebrowz guide!

As a whole, semi-permanent makeup produces a more natural look, as the hair strokes can be made to look very similar to real hair. The strokes can be precisely made thicker at the root and then thinner at the ends, again, just like natural hair would grow. Due to the single needle used to create hair strokes, lines can be curved and drawn in different directions to create a more realistic look.

It tends to be considerably more noticeable when an individual has microblade eyebrows as the hair strokes will be straight and the same thickness throughout. This is because the device used is created through several needles placed into a blade, which if someone tried to curve, would damage and rip the skin rather than creating small scratches.

close up of eyebrow

How Long Does Each Last For?

Although many presume that as microblading goes deeper into the skin, it will last longer, this is not necessarily the case. On average, microblading lasts for around eight months and will start to fade in colour after this time period slowly. You can book in for a top-up; however, it will mean that you will have to undergo the healing process again.

Semi-permanent makeup last for up to 18 months, most beauty clinics will recommend that you book in for an annual top-up to maintain your results. Similarly to microblading, the colour will start to fade, which is why top-ups are required. Top-ups are usually cheaper than the initial cost as you will not need a full appointment, you will simply be filling in any areas that are starting to fade.

Microblading Vs Semi Permanent Makeup – What Is Your Conclusion?

As always, it is entirely up to the individual which treatment they choose to achieve their desired eyebrow shape and colour. Everyone desires different results and what may work perfectly for one person, would be a disaster for another. We personally chose only to provide our clients with semi-permanent makeup as it is a safer option, has less associated risks and we can guarantee an exceptional level of results for our clients. Regardless of whether you agree, or would still prefer to opt for the microblading route, we cannot recommend enough the importance of booking in with a fully trained, fully licenced, established artist and attend an initial consultation to discuss options.

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