As the Winter months approach, everyone starts to notice their skin declining as more breakouts and patches of dry skin seem to appear each day. Although unfortunately, we cannot enjoy soaking up the sun and achieve a natural radiance all year round, there are many different top tips for glowing skin that are easy to follow, even when the weather gets colder and the days get darker.

Top Tips For Glowing Skin

Preparing your skin for the Winter months will not mean multiplying your skincare routine and having to spend hours each week applying face masks or worrying about every blemish that appears. Instead, only a few alternations will be required to maintain healthy, glowing skin even when the weather is looking a little dull.

Use Lukewarm Water

As tempting as it is to soak in a lovely hot bath after a stressful day or to indulge in a relaxing hot shower, it, unfortunately, is doing more harm to your skin than good. The long-running rule is if your skin goes red when you leave the shower or bath, it was way too hot for you and you should aim for a cooler temperature in the future.

Water at a high temperature dries your skin out more than you can imagine, making applying daily moisturiser relatively futile. Hot water strips away all of the essential oil within your skin, which cannot be replaced through moisturiser.

Rather than running a hot bath or shower, opt for lukewarm water. It will still be able to warm you up after withstanding the icy winds, and remove all germs from your skin, however, while still retaining all of your natural oils.

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Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating is the main way of removing all dead skin cells from your body, which are increased during Winter when the skin gets dry. It is recommended to thoroughly exfoliate both the face and body once a week using either a body scrub or exfoliating mitt. Exfoliating once a week is plenty as you want to avoid irritating the skin, scrubbing too often can cause the skin to become cracked and itchy, which is then made worse when exposed to cold air.

Not only does exfoliating help to remove dead skin cells, but it also uncovers a new layer of skin meaning that serums and moisturisers will sink deeper into the skin.

If your skin is feeling unusually dry and in need of rejuvenation, you may want to consider treating yourself to a facial. The GeneO+ facial is perfect for removing the old, dull layer of skin from the face and then pumping back in essential nutrients. The skin will immediately appear revived with a natural glow.

exfoliating facial

Revive Overnight

The only time that your skin will not be exposed to the damage of cold weather for an extended period of time is overnight while you are getting your beauty sleep, so utilise this time to your advantage.

With a busy schedule, you simply cannot afford to keep continuously applying moisturiser to the skin at several times during the day, so instead, apply a thick layer of your favourite moisturiser or serum overnight. Leaving the skin untouched for several hours at once gives the layers time to absorb and lock in all oils.

For some of the best Winter moisturisers to keep your skin nourished and hydrated, take a look at this handy Elle article. Alternatively, if you find that these choices are a little too pricey for your budget, not to worry, coconut oil is a cost-effective option that will do just as much of a good job!

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Swap Cleansers For Face Wipes

Although face wipes are the easiest way of removing makeup quickly, they are, in fact, not as effective as you’d think and tend to be the worst product for your skin in your regime. Face wipes tend to strip your face of its natural oils due to its harsh chemicals that make makeup removal so easy, and if you use a cleanser or micellar water afterwards, you’ll know what we mean when we say face wipes do not actually remove all dirt.

Instead, get rid of the face wipes altogether and skip straight to a gentle, hydrating cleanser. Try to opt for a salicylic acid and fragrance-free cleanser that will be gentle on the skin. You’re probably going to need quite a lot to remove all makeup, so you don’t want to use something too harsh on the skin. Also, keep a careful eye out for cleansers that say ‘unscented’ as this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no fragrances in the ingredients.

Not only is cleanser a kinder makeup remover on the skin, but will also help the rest of your skincare sink deeper into the skin and work to its full ability as there will be no dirt, grime or makeup blocking the pores.

Create DIY Face Masks

Creating your own DIY face masks is the most fun and exciting of our tips for glowing skin during Winter and can be created using the ingredients of your choice. To create a brightening mask, you want to keep an eye out for recipes including honey, turmeric powder and lemon juice, along with exfoliating ingredients such as oats or sugar.

For four fantastic DIY face masks to get you started, take a look at Olive + M.

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Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water might be an obvious clear skin hack you hear over and over again, but most people swap a fair amount of their water intake during the Winter for a hot alternative to keep them warm.

Many assume that water is only important during the Summer due to the risk of dehydration; however, Winter can be surprisingly just as harmful, especially on the skin. During the Winter, the air is dryer meaning that instead of evaporating the water within the atmosphere, it looks to your skin for its daily dose of water.

We’re not saying that you need to steer clear of hot drinks during the colder months and stick to a refreshing glass of water. Now and again, swap your tea, coffee or hot chocolate for hot water and lemon. This way you can keep yourself feeling cosy while detoxing your skin. For more information on how a combination of water and lemon can detox the body, take a look at Healthline.

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Maintain Glowing Skin During Winter

Winter skin doesn’t have to get you down and maintaining a radiant, sunkissed glow is considerably easier than you’d expect. It all takes a little extra TLC and some time to enjoy a well-needed weekly pamper! – Why not treat yourself to one of our many relaxing, nourishing and rejuvenating facials at our beauty salon in Milton Keynes?

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