As 2019 has now officially commenced, it gives us all the perfect opportunity to leave our bad habits in 2018 and start fresh. It’s more than likely that we have all been guilty of well and truly over-indulging over the Christmas period; eating our body weight in sweet treats and most definitely not putting exercising as our top priority, which means our skin is now crying out for some TLC.

Every year, we promise ourselves that we are going to stick to our new year’s resolutions, no matter how small or big they may be. Often, new year’s resolutions are boring tasks that you’re probably not going to enjoy. So, this year, why not go for something different and put in place some easy-to-follow new year beauty resolutions. This way, not only will you be feeling good, you’ll be looking good while doing it!

Easy New Year Beauty Resolutions

There is nothing better than clear, glowing skin and silky smooth hair, which with a perfected beauty routine is, in fact, relatively easy to achieve. To give you some inspiration on where to start, we’ve devised a list of our top ten beauty new years resolutions – we promise there will be something for everyone!

1. Regularly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a task that we all always mean to do, but always forget until we sit down to do our makeup. However, you would be surprised how badly the constant use of old makeup brushes can impact your skin.

With a constant build-up of a variety of different makeup products, dead skin, oil and sitting collecting dust in the meantime, brushes are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Not only will bacteria-filled makeup brushes clog your pores and cause breakouts, but also increase the chances of a viral infection, and even more stomach-churning, a bug and mite infestation. Particularly, if you’re suffering from a breakout, using a dirty makeup brush is essentially spreading it across your face.

It is recommended that, if you are a daily makeup applicator, you clean your brushes, sponges and any other tools once a week. Luckily, there are tonnes of different cleaning products and handy tools that will help you to clean brushes in minimal time. Almost all brands now specialise in their own range of cleaning materials, the essentials being a quality cleansing gel and cleaning mat which will allow you to get to the root of the dirt.

For a full guide on how to clean your makeup brushes, head over to Allure!

girl with makeup brushes

2. Stop Squeezing Spots

As much as we all hate to admit it, squeezing spots is a guilty pleasure and although we all know how bad it is for our skin, we still can’t seem to help ourselves – but, now is the time to make it your resolution to leave nature to take its course and keep those hands away!

Squeezing spots is a prime culprit for causing scarring and rarely does anything but make your breakout ten times worse. Each spot contains an unbelievable amount of bacteria, which is then spread to all surrounding pores when we squeeze, creating spots that could have easily been avoided if we just left the original spot alone. Not only are you spreading bacteria from the spot to other pores, but also transferring all the germs from your hands onto the existing spot and those that are now starting to brew. Just think of how many unhygienic things you’ve touched throughout the day from door handles to public handrails, all of which are now infesting your spot.

So, by now you’re probably thinking ‘ew’ and wondering how to get rid of spots quickly through alternative routes. Ideally, simply leaving the spot to heal itself is the best method, but we all know we’re unlikely to do that and want a fast method. Drying lotion is an excellent way of zapping the infested area, unclogging the pore and reducing inflammation. Brands such as Mario Badescu and EradiKate both stock popular drying lotions that are guaranteed to send spots packing.

3. Drink More Water

The pledge to drink more water is a promise that we should all make to ourselves all year round, not just in the new year. Drinking the daily intake of water is key for helping your whole body stay healthy, fully-functioning and hydrated, not to mention a proven way to maintain clear skin.

Your skin is part of the Integumentary System, essentially making in an organ filled with cells. Cells in the body are mostly made up of water, which means that without a constant supply of water, your cells will struggle to function efficiently. Particularly over Winter, the skin becomes dehydrated because the air is dryer, so once it has evaporated all water in the atmosphere, it will look at your skin.

It can be tricky to remember to drink water, and it is easy to go hours on end without even thinking about reaching for a glass, so it is worth trying out a few hacks to trick yourself into subconsciously drinking more water. There are different apps you can download onto your phone, which will send you reminder notifications every hour or so and also allow you to track your intake. Alternatively, you could purchase a marked water bottle, which is printed with hours of the day and show you how much you should have drunk in each hour. Keep this with you on your desk or by your side, and we can guarantee you’ll stay hydrated!

For 22 easy ways to drink more water, take a look at this great Self article.

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4. Don’t Sleep With Your Makeup On

Taking your makeup off at the end of a long day is a chore, but no matter how tired you may be, it is so vital to ensure that you jump into bed fresh and makeup free.

Similarly to when using dirty makeup brushes, sleeping in a full face of makeup will instantly clog your pores causing irritations, spots and blackheads. In fact, the consequences can start to become somewhat dangerous as particularly eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara can clog the oil glands and follicles on your eyelids, causing eye infections. One of the most common eye infections caused by leftover makeup is styes. A stye has the appearance of a small lump filled with pus that forms on your eyelid. It often makes the eye red, swollen, irritated and painful.

Your evening skincare routine doesn’t have to be super long with multiple steps, but should make sure that all makeup is removed. Unfortunately, makeup wipes alone rarely do the job; you’ll also need the assistance of a cleanser such as micellar water or a foaming face wash.

5. Schedule Pamper Sessions

This new year’s resolution is most definitely the most relaxing and is all about scheduling in some ‘me time’ each month to pamper yourself. People often assume that resolutions need to be something like participating in more exercise or eating healthier, but allowing downtime, where your body can repair itself, is just as important.

Whether it’s treating yourself to a rejuvenating facial or simply soaking in a hot bath with a face mask and good book, giving yourself some allocated time to clear the mind will set you up for a productive week. We have many clients who visit our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes to enjoy either our laser carbon peel or GeneO+ facial in the morning and then book the rest of the day off to relax.

relaxing bubble bath

6. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever debated experimenting with a red statement lip or testing out a deep smokey eye? Well, there will never be a better time than now to finally step out of your comfort zone and opt for the makeup look you’ve always dreamed of – you will never know unless you try!

It is super easy to fall into the routine of your ‘go-to’ daily makeup, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you have some free time, why not test out some new ideas? If you don’t have the products required to recreate your desired look, to avoid wasting money, it is worth getting what you need from affordable but high-quality, brands such a Revolution. If the final look is a success, then you can go ahead and buy more luxury items as you know that they will be used!

7. Always Use SPF

Using SPF on your skin daily is ever so important, not only in the Summer but all year round. Although it is true that sunshine is an instant cure to brighten the mood, there are many different dangers of over-exposure. The sun emits two types of ultraviolet rays, both of which are harmful to the skin. UVB rays are visible and are what makes you feel the warmth of the sun; it is responsible for causing sunburn. UVA rays, on the other hand, are less noticeable and penetrate deeper into the layers on the skin causing long term effects such as wrinkles.

Sunscreen effectively blocks the UV rays from being absorbed into the skin, and the extent of your protection depends on the sun protection factor (SPF) you use. SPF relates to how long it will take for the sun to burn the skin, so for example, sunscreens with the SPF of 30 means that your skin will take 30 times longer to burn.

Luckily, nowadays, the majority of face moisturisers, primers and foundations will include SPF, which means that your face, which is the most exposed part of the body, will be protected throughout the year. We recommend if you haven’t already, treating yourself to a good quality SPF moisturiser to use before applying makeup. For a guide to the best SPF moisturisers, take a look at this Marie Claire article.

girl looking in mirror

8. Stop Biting Your Nails

So this new years resolution doesn’t apply to everyone, but each year continues to be one of the top resolutions for those eager to kick the habit once and for all.

The majority of the time, biting nails is done unintentionally and is done absentmindedly. Start by finding something that can distract you, such as a hair band around your wrist, which you can play around with; this will slowly start to distract yourself from having to urge to start biting.

Many opt for treating themselves to getting their nails done every few weeks as not only does it mean that you’ll be less likely to bite and mess up your manicure, but it’ll also help to keep your nails healthy. Gel nail polish is great because it strengthens your nails and adds a hard coating, making biting harder. We also suggest when you do visit your local nail salon, request for your nails to be cut short and shaped, with shorter nails means that there will be little to bite.

9. Give Your Hair Some TLC

Our hair can be incredibly fragile, and while we spend hours each week trying to perfect blemish-free glowing skin, our hair is often neglected. Diet, stress, excess heat and over-washing are all key culprits for dehydrating your hair and causing breakages. If you have noticed your hair becoming dry, straw-like and lacking a healthy shine, it might be worth considering making regular hair TLC this year’s resolution.

Unlike your skin, your hair is relatively easy to maintain and does not require expensive, high-end products to keep in good health. Ensuring that your hair is trimmed every 8 to 12 weeks is, as we all know, the main way of stopping your hair from becoming weak. It means that all of the breakages and split ends can be cut away before they have the chance to travel nearer to the root.

Once a week, allocate an extra half an hour to nourish your hair using a deep conditioning mask. Popular hair care brands such as Moroccanoil and Redken both stock a range of different proven hair masks. However, if you’re looking for cost-effective alternatives, there are tonnes of different masks you can create at home using basic ingredients. Some of the most popular ingredients you will notice crop up in almost all recipes are honey, banana and argan, coconut or avocado oil. For some easy-to-make recipes, take a look at our previous article on How To Make Natural DIY Hair Masks.

hair mask

10. Have A Well-Needed Regular Clear Out

It is so easy to accumulate years worth of makeup, skincare and hair products and before you know it, your drawers are filled with things you’re probably never going to use again. We are all guilty of picking up a new lipstick or eyeshadow while wandering around Boots or Superdrug, but never think to go home and clear out the old ones. So this year, why not make the promise to yourself that you will stop being a hoarder?

Every few months, when you have some free time, filter through your makeup and get rid of any bits and bobs you’ll no longer use. Anything that is more than 2 years old is a definite throw away, along with products that are empty or broken. This way, you’ll free up space, and it’ll allow you to be more organised.

Stick To Your New Year Beauty Resolution in 2019!

We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration on some of the many beauty-related new year’s resolutions you can put in place throughout 2019. Remember it is never too late to make a promise to yourself, it doesn’t just have to be in the new year – Good luck!

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