Between heat from styling tools, and chemicals from harsh hair styling products, your hair goes through a lot. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to keep it looking healthy all the time in order for your confidence to be at it’s highest. Healthy hair has a shine to it and will be astonishingly soft, which is why so many celebrities and public influencers are desperate to have a gorgeous head of hair.

How To Achieve Healthy Hair

You constantly see online and through influencers, hundreds of hair products and supplements being offered on the market that promise to make your hair grow faster or become thicker. Although some of these tablets and vitamins can have many things in them that may improve your hair’s growth, it is not necessarily a proven fact. The speed at which your hair grows depends largely on your own genetic makeup. Some people’s hair will grow faster than others, and will grow back at different thickness levels and even styles such as curly or straight.

Because of this, it is near enough impossible to guarantee that the supplements will speed up the hair growing process, or that it will alter your hair. Which is why it is imperative that your hair care regime is strict in order for it to grow and flourish at a healthy rate. Hair loss, balding and thinning is a prevalent issue for people of all ages and genders. Improving your hair care can help reduce the risk of hair loss or thinning from any age. Which is why we have provided a number of healthy hair tips that can ensure healthy hair all year round.

Upgrade Your Heat Tools

Heat is one of the most harmful elements to your hair. Once your hair follicles are regularly exposed to high temperatures, they begin to frizz and break off from such high levels of heat. This is one of the leading causes of split ends, and on a regular basis can even be a cause of hair loss or balding. There have been many cases of unsuspecting users holding their hair on a curler barrel for too long, and the hair simply singes off due to the incredible amount of heat for such a prolonged period of time.

Of course, this is devastating, and you must handle your hair with care when using any heated styling tools. Older heated hair tools will become dated and can have a negative impact on your hair with continued use. The heated plates on your straighteners can become worn down, meaning that your hair has less protection from the high amount of heat. Although this will have no immediate effect, over time, this can accelerate the process of extreme hair damage. In recent years as technology improves, hair tools are being created that emit a lot less heat, but will still leave you with the same style and effect.

A prime example of this is Dyson, this brand have now brought out a number of exceptional hair tools that are completely altering the way that people style their hair. Their most recent release was the Dyson Hairdryer; it uses less heat than a standard hairdryer and creates a lot less noise. Not only is this better for use in the home, but its high power allows hair to dry exceptionally fast, without the use of high heat, making it a must-have for anyone looking to avoid heat-induced hair damage. New hair styling tools and advanced models are designed with hair care in mind, and the majority of them will cause a lot less damage than older models.

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Do Not Towel Rub Your Hair

It’s common that when you leave the shower, to dry hair off by giving it a good scrub with your towel. This way you get any excess water out of your hair and prepare your hair for drying quicker. Unfortunately though, it can cause extreme damage to your hair and could be stunting its growth. When you rub your hair with such force, you’re causing excessive friction to cuticles which are the leading cause of hair dryness and frizziness.

The best way to deal with this is to gently pat your hair with a towel, although this may be time consuming and seem like a chore, it’s the best way to dry soaking hair without causing any damage.

Take Care With Knots

Getting knots in your hair is inevitable, but there are ways that you can deal with them in order to avoid any strain on hair follicles. Knots are created when a curly hair strand coils itself around other strands of hair. This then builds up and creates a knot in your hair; which is why shorter curly hair is more prone to frequent knots.

Small-toothed combs can cause increased pulling and breakages to hair due to lack of space, which is why we would recommend using a wide toothed comb for wet knotty hair. Once your hair is dry we would recommend using a paddle brush, as the surface area allows the brush to move with comfort and makes detangling hair much simpler.

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Try And Get Your Hair Wet Less Often

This includes washing your hair. To many people’s disbelief, over-washing your hair is in fact a thing, and it can cause serious issues to your locks. Water makes your hair follicles swell from the inside, which then forces the cuticle up, creating dryness, frizziness and excess breakage. Because of this, it is essential to limit the number of times your hair comes into contact with water, so keep those washes to a minimum.

If you frequently expose your hair to rainwater, this could be what’s causing your it to be dry and brittleness. Rainwater contains an array of harsh chemicals that can affect your hair, including acids that will strip it of moisture, creating a frizzy and rough feeling.

Minimise Your Usage Of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo does wonders, and can be your saving grace after you’ve been at the gym, or even if you’re going out after a long day at work. However, when used on a regular basis, it can begin to cause complications with your hair. The main issue dry shampoo can cause is that residue will build up on your scalp, this can over time cause inflammation and itchiness, as well as blocking off pores. A lot of dry shampoos contain alcohol, although harmless when used from time from time, prolonged use can cause permanent hair and scalp damage. If you are suffering from this, you can look into hair loss treatments Milton Keynes for more options.

Dry shampoo can be helpful in last minute scenarios however, and will dramatically reduce your morning regime, so it’s okay to use it on the odd occasion. It’s important not to become reliant on it though, as it will eventually start to cause damage.

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Do Not Rely On Hair Extensions

We all have moments when we want to pamper ourselves to feel extra glam and one way that people tend to do this is with hair extensions. Hair extensions are fantastic for those looking for extra volume and length in their hair for a night out, as well as altering your daily appearance entirely. In the short term, hair extensions are great, they are confidence boosting and can give you the hairstyle and thickness you’ve been dreaming of.

We would advise you however, not to become reliant on them as part of your everyday look, as this is when they can cause serious problems. Countless stories have emerged of shocking pictures of celebrities who regularly use hair extensions, and their own hair appears severely damaged with balding spots and thinning patches. Clip-in hair extensions are the worst culprit for this as they have to be positioned in the roots, which then put high amounts of strain on your hair follicles. Ring and bonded hair extensions are much better for your hair as they include proteins such as keratin which promote hair growth, although they can also cause strain. Although they are a nice change that can be great at boosting your confidence and to give you a different look every once in a while, we would not recommend having hair extensions all the time. As an alternative to hair extensions, you could always try women’s hair styling instead.

Silk Pillowcases

It’s a commonly known fact that silk pillowcases can keep your hair healthy while you sleep. When asleep, tossing and turning can in a sense back-brush your hair as it rubs against rough materials, this can cause split ends and knots. Silk is a material that is so soft; it’s not possible for you to knot up your hair by tossing and turning. The silky material allows free movement of your hair without the roughness of a normal pillowcase.

Not only this, but as your hair has so much freedom to slide around without becoming intertwined, your hair will keep its clean, healthy shine without getting the matte dry look that you may sometimes suffer from.

silk pillow

Start Your Hair Care Regime

Now you know the main tips for healthy hair, it’s time to start working out your own hair care regime. By incorporating these tips into your hair care agenda, you are guaranteed to achieve silky, sleek hair that looks and feels rejuvenated. If you found this article was helpful, then why not share on social media?

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