Everyone dreams of waking up each morning with flawless, glowing skin. The ability to minimise your makeup routine to a simple tinted moisturiser and a sweep of mascara, showcasing your naturally radiant complexion is something we all hope to achieve. While it may feel as if you need to splash out of high-end products and luxury facials fit for Hollywood stars, this most definitely isn’t the case!

The secret to seamlessly luminous skin begins with the foundations of your skincare routine. While there is nothing wrong in indulging in lavish skincare products, without a structured routine and consistent care, your skin will not reap the benefits you deserve. So, with this in mind, we have devised a comprehensive guide to the best skincare routine for glowing skin including daily essentials, along with weekly treats!

Best Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin: Daily and Weekly Tips

Before beginning your quest to perfecting the ultimate skincare routine, it’s imperative to take time to determine your skin type. Each skin type requires different ingredients, methods and product types to stay blemish and breakout-free, so it is essential to avoid spending time and money on products that are not suited to your skin’s requirements. The three main skincare types are dry, oily and combination skin; each of which come alongside specific causes of imperfections. Over time, especially as you outgrow your teenage years, your skin type does have the possibility to change. So, if you notice that the staple products you have relied on for years are no longer working as well as you had hoped, it may be worth retesting your skin type. If you are feeling somewhat unsure on whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, then we suggest heading over to our previous article on understanding your skin type for more information!

Now that you are clear on the requirements of your skin, it is time to start building a routine that will achieve the natural glowy complexion you have always dreamed of – begin with taking a browse through our daily and weekly tips!

Daily Routine Essentials

Regardless of how rushed off your feet you may be, there are a few daily essentials that you must incorporate into your schedule to keep your skin flawless. We promise that your skin will thank you for it – even on those stressful days where all you can think about is hiding away under mountains of duvets, always remember your skincare!

1. Always Wear SPF

While we may sound like a moaning parent giving you flashbacks of the famous “don’t forget your suncream or you’ll burn” quote from your childhood, hear us out!

Every skin type is susceptible to sun damage, even if there are no visible signs of burning or redness. Many assume that because they are wearing makeup and the sun isn’t at its strongest, the skin is not exposed to UV rays; however, unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. The sun is capable of negatively impacting the skin all year round, not just during the warmer months which means it is imperative to ensure that SPF is applied each morning religiously. Protecting the skin from sun damage is proven to not only reduce signs of ageing but also creates a healthier, smoother surface, allowing you to glow from the inside, out.

Many are somewhat dubious about applying SPF under makeup as most products create a super oily, sticky surface which is an absolute no-go under foundation. This being said, tonnes of well-known beauty brands are now opting to design primers that include SPF 30 or above, making them an ideal investment. Some of the best skin protecting primers on the market at the moment include:

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2. Remove All Makeup

Although we have all fallen guilty to forgetting to take our makeup off before falling asleep, its time to say goodbye to this bad habit. Once you are in the routine of deep cleaning your skin each night, you won’t be able to think of anything worse than going to bed with your makeup still intact!

The skin is a complex organ and is made up of hundreds of tiny open pores that grab any oil or dirt that comes into contact. Sleeping with makeup still on, in particular, is proven to clog the pores causing inflammation and a breakout of angry spots. It prevents the skin from completing its natural turnover, forcing all dead skin cells to form a matter layer over the epidermis, creating an immediate dull appearance.

If you know that you are likely to forget to take off all makeup before going to bed, we suggest leaving face cleansing wipes or micellar water with cotton pads on your nightstand. In doing this, even if you’re comfortable in bed, you can still ensure that you fall asleep makeup-free!

3. Cleanse & Tone

To maximise results, it is recommended to cleanse and tone the skin twice a day; once in the morning and again before going to bed. Cleansing the skin is ideal for reaching deep inside the pores, removing all built-up sebum, dirt and makeup that has accumulated throughout the day. Toning, on the other hand, closes the pores and tightens any gaps in the cells ensuring that all moisture is trapped in the skin and no contaminants can ease their way into pores.

It is entirely your choice on the type of face cleanser you opt for, some of the most popular include gel, cream, foam, oil and clay variations. Those with oily skin would be best suited to a foam or clay cleanser that can help to control the sebum production. Whereas, an oil or gel would be ideal for an individual with dry skin as it will give the skin all of the nourishing nutrients it needs to glow. Dermstore has a useful guide on the different types of cleansers, along with who they are best suited to.

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4. Vitamin C Products

Vitamin C products are an absolute essential when it comes to perfecting glowy skin. It is a proven, antioxidant-filled ingredient to brighten the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation, ideal if your skin is looking particularly dull and you hope to achieve a more even complexion. Not only is Vitamin C capable of brightening the skin, but also boosting collagen production and protects against skin damage. The Body Shop has a fantastic collection of Vitamin C products to bring life to tired skin and even better, they smell divine!

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated and ensuring that you drink your daily intake of water is vital in maintaining an overall healthy body; this also applies to your skin. Skin that becomes dehydrated is more likely to become dry, flaky and dull, making signs of ageing considerably more noticeable.

Getting into the routine of drinking more water can prove tricky if you are used to reaching for a fizzy drink, tea or coffee rather than a glass of water. If this is the case, it is worth experimenting with different ways to encourage yourself to drink more water. There are many different free mobile phone apps such as My Water Balance which gives you hourly reminders and allows you to track your intake. You could also try using a marked water bottle infused with fruits for a sweeter taste. Wellness Mama has a great guide to infused water recipes we’re sure you will love!

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Once A Week Skincare ‘To Dos’

Now that you have got your daily skincare routine down to a T and have started making positive lifestyle changes to improve your skin, you can begin incorporating weekly treats to maintain the healthy glow you have worked so very hard for!

1. Exfoliate The Skin

Exfoliation is essential in maintaining healthy skin; this applies to both the face and body. It allows all of the dead skin cells to be gently removed on the surface, revealing the smooth layer underneath, promoting healthy cell regeneration. Failing to exfoliate the skin means that all of the dead skin cells begin to form a layer over the face, making the surface not only dull but also incredibly dry. Deeply exfoliating once a week will remove the barrier of dead skin cells that are clogging the face, allowing fresh cells to work their magic.

Why not experiment with making your own face exfoliants using this handy guide to DIY face scrubs from Live About?

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2. Apply A Face Mask

Face masks are most definitely a win-win situation. Not only do they make your skin look and feel amazing, but they’re also super fun to use and are ideal for a weekly pamper session. There are tonnes of different face masks now available from detoxifying clay masks to hydrating sheet masks; you will never be short for choice to experiment with! For a little extra guidance when searching for the perfect face mask for your skin type, take a look at this handy guide on Ann Marie Gianni!

3. Top Up The Tan

Nothing is better at giving you a natural (well, maybe not completely natural) glow than a little fake tan! Whether you are self-tan obsessed or prefer a subtle bronzed complexion, tan is ideal for making you look naturally radiant!

Ensuring that you care for your skin through weekly exfoliation, daily deep cleansing and staying hydrated will help towards achieving a seamless golden glow. Dry skin will only make the tanning results patchy, uneven and will most definitely not look natural. To maximise results, there are now many self-tanners explicitly designed for the face that also include moisturising and rejuvenating ingredients. And don’t worry, they’re not the kind that you need to wash off the following morning. Instead, facial tanners are simple water-based sprays or drops that leave no frustrating fake tan marks on your pillowcase while you sleep!

Take a look at Evening Standard for some inspiration on the best face self-tanners!

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Glowing Skin Is Calling Your Name!

Your dream, glowing skin is just a skincare regime away. No longer is there the need to splash out on high-end skincare products that will break the bank. Instead, through ensuring that you have a thorough daily routine in place, you will begin to notice visible improvements – so be patient and keep at it!

If you’re hoping to treat yourself to a luxury facial to kickstart your journey to radiant skin, why not take a trip to our award-winning salon? We specialise in many different facials in Milton Keynes from the advanced GeneO+ 4 in 1 Super Facial to the purifying Laser Carbon Peel!

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