In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to face the struggle of trying to maintain silky, smooth skin. The constant hassle of removing unwanted hair would be non-existent; the tedious task would be banished from our schedule, allowing just that little extra time to catch up on our favourite tv show!

While unfortunately, a hair-free body is almost impossible to achieve, we are always on the hunt to track down a longer lasting, more effective hair removal solution. With this in mind, we’ve delved through the beauty world to devise a list of the top, most popular methods to bring you the ultimate guide to hair removal. Along with each technique, we’ve popped in the main pros and cons to help you to find the perfect route for you!

A Beginners Guide To Hair Removal

Many different factors influence hair growth, which is why the level and speed of growth differs from person to person. A great example of this relates to those who opt for visiting a beauty technician to wax or thread their eyebrows. Beauticians will always spend time getting to know the regrowth rate of clients before determining the ideal period between appointments.

Genetics, hormones and certain medications all contribute towards an increase in the speed of regrowth; these particular circumstances are somewhat tricky to resolve without visiting a medical professional. Other factors, on the other hand, can be controlled by a slight change in lifestyle. One of the primary examples is your diet. Hair is made from protein, so a diet rich in protein will promote quicker hair growth. Those who suffer from weak hair or struggle to encourage regrowth are often advised to take daily supplements packed with vital vitamins.

Now that we are a little more familiarised with the reasons why you may be experiencing a quicker regrowth, its time to look further into the different hair removal methods available.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most advanced and long-lasting methods of banishing those stubborn, unwanted hairs. A medical grade laser is used to destroy the hair follicles from the root, ultimately disrupting the hair growth cycle from the core. A cooling gel is first applied to the skin; then intense pulsed light will be pressed against the problem area to start to impede future hair growth on the particular area of skin.

As mentioned above, one of the most significant advantages of laser hair removal is that it promotes long-term hair removal. Once a course of sessions is complete, results can last for up to a year before another course is required. Laser hair removal can also be used to treat large areas of the body at once, which would usually be a little more tedious and time-consuming to manage. Not only can common areas such as the legs and underarms be treated, but also the upper lip, back or shoulders.

When considering laser hair removal, you must ensure that you book in with a professional and attend an initial consultation to discuss a treatment plan and contraindications. Many see the need for a course of sessions as a downside, along with the more expensive lump sum it will cost. However, after weighing up the fees for laser hair removal and the total price of razors or waxing appointments through the course of a year, they often total to a similar amount. Laser hair removal is considered as more of an investment rather than a beauty treat.

As specialists in laser hair removal in Milton Keynes, our team are always more than happy to book in a free consultation. Here, we can discuss your requirements to advise the best route to guarantee effective results.

Laser hair removal on legs


Waxing remains the second longest lasting method of hair removal, after the use of lasers. Commonly, waxing lasts for around four to six weeks depending on how quickly your hair tends to regrow. Hot wax is applied to the hair, left to cool and then stripped off removing the follicle from the root.

All types of hair colour and coarseness can be removed using hot wax; you are not limited if, for example, your hair is very fine or fair. While many opt for booking regular waxing appointments with their trusted beauty technician, others utilise home waxing kits. Home waxing kits continue to grow in popularity, meaning that they are now available in almost every health and beauty retailer for a low price. You can find more information on the best home waxing kits on Best Reviews Guide.

One of the most common reasons as to why people are more swayed towards waxing is due to the unlikelihood of ingrown hairs. As the follicles are removed from the root, there are no risks of hair curling around and growing back into the skin.

Waxing may not be best suited if you have a low pain threshold. Although over time, you will get used to the pain, many opt for alternative methods as the feeling is slightly eye-watering. For full results, you will also need to wait until the hair has entirely regrown before attempting to wax again.

Waxing legs


The most popular ‘go-to’ method when considering hair removal will always be shaving, mainly due to its convenience. Applying a layer of shaving cream and grabbing a razor takes a matter of minutes; it is perfect when you are on the go and need a quick method of removing unwanted hair. Razors, along with shaving cream, will always be super easy to pick up when needed and you will never have to wait around for appointments.

Shaving is a painless technique unless of course, you accidentally catch yourself, which means you do need to be careful. Relying on shaving can also be incredibly annoying because complete hair removal only lasts for a few days. Without adequate preparation, many experience irritation of the skin after shaving and run the high risk of ingrown hairs beginning to form. If your favourite method of hair removal is shaving, but you’re struggling with preventing razor burns and ingrown hairs, take a look at the Lauren Conrad blog!

Shaving legs

Hair Removal Cream

Opting for using hair removal cream is a popular choice if you want a cost-effective method that can be achieved through regular upkeep. Hair removal cream is made with ingredients that quickly break down the protein structure in each follicle, meaning that within a few minutes, the hair can be removed by just wiping away the excess product. Nair and Veet are both leading brands in hair removal cream and can be picked up in almost all supermarkets, pharmacies or drugstores. However, if you suffer from excess hair growth, your GP may prescribe a specialist product.

An important issue to highlight when on the topic of using hair removal cream is that you must be extremely careful in regards to irritation and allergies. You must always do a patch test of a small, pea-sized amount of the product before even considering applying to a large area of skin. If the skin becomes itchy or you feel a burning sensation, immediately wash away the product and strictly avoid a second use.

Applying hair removal cream


Most commonly used to maintain the perfect brow shape, tweezing is ideal for catching stubborn single hairs. As it would take you hours to remove a large patch of hairs one-by-one using tweezers, you are somewhat limited to the eyebrows and possibly other areas of the face.

Perfecting an eyebrow shape that suits your face and avoiding getting a little too carried away can be a little tedious. If you’re struggling with shaping your brows, we suggest taking a look at the Eyebrowz guide to matching eyebrows with your face shape.

When using tweezers to tidy up your eyebrows, we suggest opting for plucking in daylight using a magnifying mirror, as it allows you to see each hair clearly and avoids patchy areas. Aim to tweeze your brows after a bath or shower as the heat will open the follicles, meaning that the hairs will come out of the skin with ease. You will not have to pull at the skin, aggravating the area and risking causing a pimple.

Last, but most definitely not least, a good pair of tweezers are an investment, so we suggest spending a little more. The better quality and sharper the tweezers, the less you will have to tug at the skin to pull out hairs. A pair of tweezers with a slanted edge is the most effective in fitting the bone comfortably; therefore, able to reach the follicle from the root. Tweezerman is renowned for creating some of the best, long-lasting tweezers – they’re also available in tonnes of different colours to suit everyone!

Woman tweezing eyebrows


While we are all aware of the use of an epilator to remove unwanted hair, many are unsure of exactly how this method creates smooth skin. Epilators are essentially an electronic version of tweezing hairs, able to capture a larger surface at once. They feature a rotating head, which is run across the area in question while grabbing hairs and pulling them from the follicle. Devices can include as much as the equivalent of 72 tweezers used at once. As epilating hairs follows a similar concept to waxing, removing from the root, this particular technique can last a few weeks.

Many different attachments can be purchased for an epilator, which makes the device suitable for almost every area of the body. A large attachment would be ideal for treating the legs, while you may want to attach a smaller head for more delicate areas such as the face and underarms. Epilating is also an excellent option for those with more sensitive skin who are likely to experience a reaction from other methods such as hair removal cream. No harsh products are required, making it super convenient to use at any time.

It is essential to keep in mind that you’re likely to feel a little discomfort during your first few attempts at epilating. Although there will not be actual pain, you may feel as if your skin is tingling, but you will get used to the sensation. We suggest opting for bathing or showering just before you plan to epilate as it will open your pores, allowing the hair to be removed without any tugging. You can find a full guide on the best-reviewed epilators on the Epilator Girl website!

Woman using epilator

What Hair Removal Method Suits You?

When it comes to hair removal, you must always take into consideration what would be best suited to your skin type and lifestyle. If you regularly suffer from sensitive skin and have experienced allergies in the past, opting for product based methods may not be best suited. Waxing or laser hair removal would be a safer alternative. However, if you have a busy schedule, shaving or hair removal cream is likely to be a better option but will require regular upkeep.

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