It’s fair to say that all of our lives have dramatically changed over the past few months with many of us working tirelessly on the frontline while others adapt to working from home. Regardless of your situation during the pandemic, we can be almost certain that you have noticed a difference in your skin. Perhaps without even realising, the uncertainty is sure to have increased stress levels which while you may not be feeling it within yourself, would have impacted your body. Our skin, in particular, is one of the first areas to show the signs of stress, whether this may be through breakouts or simply looking a little duller than we’d hoped.

So, now that life is slightly returning to normality, you’re probably wondering how to get your glow back after the lockdown and ways that you can begin feeling yourself again. And you’re in luck! Your personal skin experts in Bianco have put together a host of treatments that you can try, as well as simple changes to your daily routine, which is guaranteed to transform your skin from drab to fab.

How To Get Your Glow Back With Bianco!

You would be surprised how much your skin can be impacted by even the smallest of changes to everyday life, so if you have noticed that you have been struggling with your skin a little more than usual, you’re not alone! There are a whole host of reasons as to why you may be experiencing breakouts, dry skin and lack of glow during the lockdown. First and foremost, of course, is stress. When your body becomes stressed, not only are chemicals released, but there is also an increase in steroid production. In turn, this stimulates your sebaceous glands, making your skin produce excess oil, which is the biggest culprit for causing breakouts.

Along with stress, another factor that is likely to be affecting your skin is your screen time. Being stuck in the four walls of your home for months is likely to mean that you have been spending more time on your smartphone, watching Netflix series’ and participating in video calls. Together, these will dramatically increase your average screen time, which means that your skin is exposed to more blue light than ever. This has a similar impact on your skin than the sun and causes an increase in free radicals, which is known for speeding up signs of ageing.

If you are nodding your head in agreement to either of the above, then it is important to keep in mind that you are one of millions experiencing the same issues, but there is no reason why you cannot begin working towards restoring your glow. With this in mind, we have split our guide into two, running through the treatments we recommend at our clinic, along with what you can start doing today. Find out more about each by clicking through the links below:

Glowing Skin

Treatments To Book In For

Whether you are an existing client of Bianco or are hoping to treat yourself to something a little different, helping every client to leave with a natural glow and boost in confidence is what we do best. Although we offer a plethora of wonderful treatments, we have handpicked the following recommendations for their ability to give your skin that well-needed boost.

The GeneO+ Facial

First up is our GeneO+ facial, which is also known as the 4 in 1 super facial as it involves several different techniques to rejuvenate your skin. There is no real ‘perfect candidate’ for this treatment as it will prove hugely beneficial for all skin types, whether you are targeting acne or hoping to reduce signs of ageing. So what makes the GeneO+ facial so versatile? Well, the treatment is able to boast a wealth of features thanks to its four, thorough steps, each of which improves the skin in different ways. These steps are the following:

  • Exfoliates – The process begins by applying a gel and exfoliating the skin, using a light microdermabrasion treatment. This removes all dead skin cells so that nutrients can soak deep into the layers.
  • Infuses – The initial layer of gel is removed, and a new, nutrient-packed gel is applied. This is massaged into the skin, deeply infusing the formula with the skin.
  • Oxygenates – Through using the electrical handpiece to create oxygen bubbles, the skin will then start to reap maximise oxygen absorption, which stimulated cell renewal.
  • Tightens and Contours – Lastly, radiofrequency is used to kickstart the reproduction of collagen, tightening the skin and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Laser Carbon Peel

An alternative to the GeneO+ facial, which is ideal for those who have suffering from breakouts is the laser carbon peel. It is one of the most innovative skin treatments able to not only be used on the face but also other problem areas such as the back.

The laser carbon peel is split into two stages; the first involves a carbon lotion which is applied directly to the skin, the appearance is similar to conventional charcoal face masks. Next, a specialist laser is pulsated onto the skin, which not only removes the lotion but also stimulates your body’s natural healing process. The laser is responsible for breaking up the layer of carbon into tiny particles before absorbing them, targeting deep into your pores, removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells while boosting collagen production. As well as purifying the skin, this second stage also acts as a form of exfoliation, meaning that you will look visibly brighter immediately after your treatment.

Carbon Peel

Dermapen Microneedling

A treatment that has become well-known across the globe, especially in the celebrity world, is microneedling. The procedure involves gently piercing the skin with tiny needles, which penetrates just a few millimetres into the upper layer. Although it does include the use of lots of small needles, it is a minimally invasive treatment, which means that while your skin may look red afterwards, it does not require any downtime.

Here at Bianco, we offer microneedling using the revolutionary dermapen, which is far safer and more effective than the dermaroller. The dermapen is more technologically advanced, which means that you can set a needle depth to ensure that every area of the skin is consistently treated, unlike the dermaroller, which is controlled by hand. When controlling the needles by hand, you risk rolling with more pressure over some areas compared to others, achieving uneven results and risking scarring. Along with more successful results, the dermapen also causes less damage to the epidermis, which means that your skin will heal considerably quicker, allowing you to enjoy a natural glow in minimal time!


Laser Hair Removal

Although at first, you may not associate laser hair removal with glowing skin, it can help towards remaining imperfection free. Constant shaving, plucking or waxing can all begin to take its toll on your skin, often causing irritation and risking ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, works towards impeding hair growth on a long-term basis but destroying the follicles from the root. A high-grade laser is used to target hairs in all stages of the hair growth cycle, helping you to maintain your results for years to come. All you will need to do is book annual top-up appointments and your chosen treatment area will remain smooth, silky and glowy.

If laser hair removal is a treatment that you are interested in, then now is the perfect time to begin. A set of sessions is always required, typically six, it can take several months to achieve maximum results. At the moment, while many holidays are being cancelled and we are spending more time at home, you can start your sessions ready for when the pandemic reaches a close. For more information on laser hair removal in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact our team. You can also find a host of advice when considering the treatment in our previous article.

Laser Hair Removal

Changes To Your Daily Routine

While booking in for specialist treatments will always help your skin on its glow journey, it is also essential to take a closer look at your routine. Every little change to your day-to-day life can impact your skin, so to maintain your results after your treatment, it’s important to be mindful of how you take care of your body’s largest organ – the skin!

Perfect Your Cleansing Routine

Spending time perfecting your cleansing routine will always work towards your advantage, particularly before you head to bed at night. Throughout your day, your skin picks up a considerable amount of dirt, and while it may not be visible, it will be working its way into your pores. By ensuring that you thoroughly cleanse at least every evening, you will be able to clear any build-ups and prevent your pores from becoming clogged. In doing this, not only will you minimise the risk of pimples and blackheads but the products you put on next, such as moisturisers and serums, will absorb far deeper into the skin.

One of the most popular methods of cleansing through using a hot cloth, which is a fantastic way to ensure that you clear away any accumulated dirt. All you will need to do is run a soft face cloth under warm water before placing over your face. The heat from the cloth will open your pores, meaning that when you apply your cleaner, you will be able to reach deep into the pores without harshly exfoliating. For more tips on how to hot cloth cleanse, take a look at Cult Beauty or alternatively, head over to Glamour for a guide to the best cleansers.

Woman Cleaning Face

Always Stay Hydrated

The body is made up of around 60% water, which means that staying hydrated is key in keeping healthy. Not only this, but water is also one of the best secrets to maintaining clear, glowy skin. Why? Because water is vital in keeping your cells hydrated and filled with moisture, which means that it must continually be topped up to ensure that your skin can function at its best. In return for keeping up with your daily intake of water, your skin will no longer feel tight, dry or begin to flake. Moreover, it will also help to slow down prominent signs of ageing such as dark spots and wrinkles.

If like many of us, you can easily find yourself going hours without a drink of water, then you may need a helping hand. In this instance, we suggest downloading a hydration app, such as those recommended on Healthline, which will send you regular reminders. You could also consider treating yourself to a time marked water bottle, which will help you to gauge how much water you must drink each hour.

Woman Drinking Water

Exfoliate Twice A Week

Much like the exfoliation step in our GeneO+ facial, opting for incorporating exfoliating into your skincare routine a few days a week will be vital in maintaining your glow. It will help to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells that is causing your skin to appear dull, allowing products to work their magic. If you adore using hot cloth cleansers as mentioned above, although this will give you a gentle exfoliation, it is still recommended to exfoliate two days a week. This is because on average, your skin sheds its upper layer every 28 days, which means that through removing any dead cells, you can reveal the fresh, glowing surface underneath. For inspiration on the best exfoliators for flawless skin, take a look at Independent.

Exfoliating Face

Opt For Vitamin D Products

If you are on the lookout for new skincare products to treat yourself now that your favourite shops are back open, then we suggest considering those with Vitamin D, especially if you are hoping to revive your glow. Vitamin D comes alongside a host of benefits to your skin as not only can it prevent premature ageing, but it is also great at combating dry skin while calming any inflammation. In addition, this vital vitamin can help in improving your cell turnover, which is hugely beneficial for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis. Byrdie has put together a super helpful guide with more information on how Vitamin D can positively impact your skin.

Pot Of Face Cream

It’s Time To Get Your Glow On!

Although the past few months have been stressful and filled with uncertainty, it’s time to start moving forward and enjoying life after the lockdown. With our favourite treatments and skincare routine recommendations in mind, there is no better time than now to begin rejuvenating your skin and reviving your natural glow.

If you are hoping to treat yourself to a little TLC and let’s be honest, we all deserve it; then our Bianco team are just a phone call away. As specialists in everything from facials to laser tattoo removal in Milton Keynes and the local areas, you can find an answer to all of your beauty dilemmas at our clinic!

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