Whether you have a signature makeup look or prefer to keep your style a little more subtle, we can all admit that perfecting your makeup routine can take up a considerable amount of time in the morning. From pencilling in your eyebrows to realising that you have run out of your favourite lipstick just before you head out, trying to keep your makeup flawless throughout the day can be super tedious. But what if we told you that you could maintain your look, morning and night, waking up looking and feeling fabulous every day? The secret is semi-permanent makeup, a craze that continues to grow in popularity year on year. So how does it work and what can you expect from the treatment? Our semi-permanent makeup guide includes all of the answers you have been searching for!

Semi Permanent Make Up Guide: Everything You Need To Know

As specialists in semi-permanent makeup in Milton Keynes, transforming the look of clients is what we do best. In fact, we are incredibly proud to have won several awards for our expertise, which means that our team have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the much-loved treatment. We have found that although semi-permanent makeup is popular across the globe, there are still many questions, often leaving clients a little dubious about what to expect. However, we are here to put your mind at ease and explain everything that you need to know to answer the following:

Bianco Semi Permanent Makeup

What Is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

So first and foremost, let’s take a closer look at what semi-permanent makeup actually is as this is a topic that is often misinterpreted. Semi-permanent makeup is also known as micro-pigmentation and involves placing colour pigment under the upper layer of the skin. The technique is very similar to conventional tattooing; however, as a pigment is used, you will need annual top-ups to maintain your results. With time, the pigment will begin to break down, causing the colour to fade naturally – this is what makes the treatment different to a conventional tattoo which is with you for life.

It is important to highlight that semi-permanent makeup is not the same as microblading as it does not involve causing any trauma to the skin. While microblading scratches the skin to insert the colour pigment, semi-permanent makeup simply places it onto the skin, which then naturally sinks into the dermis layer. This means that semi-permanent makeup is nowhere near as painful as microblading because the skin will not be cut. While there may be a slight discomfort for the first few minutes, much like when sitting through a tattoo appointment, you will quickly get used to the sensation. If you would like more information on the difference between microblading and semi-permanent makeup, take a look at our previous article.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Appointment

Who Is The Best Candidate?

The beauty of semi-permanent makeup is that there is no set “best” candidate as the treatment is suited to anyone. Many clients opt for booking in because they have sensitive skin and tend to be allergic to traditional cosmetics. It is also super versatile, which means that semi-permanent makeup can be used to enhance your appearance in many ways, including the following:


If you have sparse or fair eyebrows, then semi-permanent eyebrows are a fantastic solution to achieve a fuller, more even look. A handheld, pen-like device will be used to draw thin strokes onto the skin, replicating the appearance of individual hairs. The pigments will also be colour matched to your natural hair, allowing the results to be bespoke to you. Our guide to semi-permanent eyebrows runs through more information on what to expect if you’re interested in the treatment.

Eyebrows By Bianco


For those who adore their signature winged eyeliner or want to draw more attention to their eyes, semi-permanent eyeliner is ideal. When visiting our beauty clinic in Bedford, your semi-permanent makeup artist will always book a consultation to discuss your requirements, allowing the results to complement your look perfectly. You could even opt for a thin, discrete eyeliner at first then add more during your top-up if you would like something more dramatic.

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Lips are not always the first thought when considering semi-permanent makeup, but the treatment is excellent for resolving a host of common beauty-related dilemmas. Although most clients choose semi-permanent lips so that they can enjoy their favourite shade smudge and fade-free, it can also be used as a colour correction solution. If your lips have a naturally darker pigment that is uneven, then semi-permanent makeup can be used to neutralise the colour. We recently completed this treatment on a client, and you can find before and after photos over on our Facebook page.

Lips By Bianco

What Should You Consider Before Booking In?

By far, the most important factor to consider when planning to book semi-permanent makeup is the look that you are hoping to achieve. If you would like something more subtle and natural, then it will be vital to search for clinics which are able to meet your expectations. We have had many clients book in for our cosmetic tattoo removal after having semi-permanent makeup at a different clinic, and receiving results that are far too dramatic, or the colours do not complement their tone. To gauge an idea on what different looks may look like, you could always consider trying out apps such as YouCam Makeup or L’Oréal Paris’ Makeup Genius, which will allow you to test different makeup styles. These, of course, will not be totally accurate but may be useful if you want to trial winged eyeliner or a different coloured lipstick, for example.

Once you are confident in your favourite look, it is time to book in for a consultation. It is vital never to go ahead with any treatment unless you have visited your chosen clinic for a consultation. This time is essential as it allows you to discuss your requirements with your semi-permanent makeup artist before they run through your medical history and whether there are any contraindications. Contraindications are factors which would prevent you from being able to go ahead with the treatment and in this instance, includes pregnancy, acute acne on the treatment area and much more – don’t worry, you will be made aware of all of these during your consultation! Above all, your consultation will help you to determine whether you feel comfortable at the clinic and would like to continue your journey with them. If the clinic is unhygienic or the staff are unpleasant, then you may decide to look elsewhere. You should also be sure that the semi-permanent makeup artist that you have been paired with is fully trained and has experience in the treatment.

At Bianco Beauty, our team are passionate about providing only the highest quality of semi-permanent makeup in Bedford and the surrounding areas. Through combining years of perfecting skills with the latest, industry-approved equipment, we maximise results and exceed client expectations. To get booked in for a free consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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What Happens During A Semi Permanent Make Up Appointment?

During your consultation, you would have been given a handful of instructions on how to prepare for your appointment – these will be slightly different based on your chosen treatment area. For example, if you have booked in for semi-permanent eyebrows, then you will be asked not to tint or dye your eyebrows for at least a week before your appointment. This is because the dye on your skin will make it tricky to spot which areas need to be filled in, meaning that you may not achieve the results that you hoped for. Regardless of the area that is being treated, you must ensure that your skin is clean, so there will be no need to wear makeup to your appointment. Use your favourite cleanser or face wash to ensure that your skin is free from products.

On the day of your appointment, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. As with any treatment, you will be briefed on what to expect with your semi-permanent makeup artist, giving you the chance to ask any last-minute questions.

Next, is time for the exciting part, your semi-permanent makeup artist will move onto working their magic. If you are having your eyebrows treated or have chosen semi-permanent eyeliner, then they will draw out the shape, making sure that you are happy with the appearance before going ahead. They will also do one last colour match to ensure that the chosen pigment shade fits with your requirements. When each of these steps is complete, the treatment will begin.

After your treatment, it is important to keep in mind that the immediate results will be slightly darker as the pigment will be fresh. However, within a few days, the area will start to slightly scab. While it may be tricky, do not pick the skin as this will result in an uneven finish. Instead, allow the skin to naturally fall off and underneath will be the softer shade which has been colour matched to your tone. For more tips on how to care for your treatment area after semi-permanent makeup, take a look at our previous article.

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Transform Your Look With Semi Permanent Makeup

With the ability to achieve bespoke results that enhance your appearance, its no surprise that semi-permanent makeup remains one of the most popular treatments at our clinic. Before going ahead with your appointment, it is always vital to schedule a consultation as this will help you to determine whether the treatment is suited to your requirements. Here you can ask as many questions as you need to, ensuring that you leave your appointment thrilled with your results.

If you are interested in semi-permanent makeup or any other treatments we offer, whether this may be facials, scalp micro-pigmentation or laser hair removal in Milton Keynes, feel free to get in touch with our team. We have many appointments available to fit with your schedule and have put strict measures in place to protect our clients against Covid-19.

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