Semi-Permanent Makeup

Patch Test£10.00
Lips Contour With Shading (Patch Test Required)£340.00
Eyebrows Hair Stroke Method (Patch Test Required)£290.00
Eyebrows Shading Method (Patch Test Required)£290.00
Eyebrows Hair Strokes With Shading (Patch Test Required)£320.00
Eyebrows Ombre (Patch Test Required)£320.00
Decorative Eyeliner – Upper (Patch Test Required)£280.00
Eyeliner Upper (Patch Test Required)£200.00
Eyeliner Lower (Patch Test Required)£120.00
Upper and Lower Eyeliner£350 (Save £50)
Beauty Spot£40 / Each

Laser Hair Removal

Consultation & Patch Test

Consultation for Laser Hair RemovalFREE
Patch Test£17

Ladies Popular Combinations

1 Back & under arms Session£240
6 Back & under arms Sessions£1,200
1 Full legs & Brazilian Session£240
6 Full legs & Brazilian Sessions£1,600
1 Full legs & bikini Session£300
6 Full legs & bikini Sessions£1,500
1 Upper legs & bikini Session£230
6 Upper legs & bikini Sessions£1,150
1 Lower legs & bikini Session£210
6 Lower legs & bikini Sessions£1,050
1 Full legs &under arms Session£280
6 Full legs &under arms Sessions£1,400
1 Under arms & bikini line Session£140
6 Under arms & bikini line Sessions£700
1 Full arms & under arms Session£200
6 Full arms & under arms Sessions£1,000

Ladies Bikini Area

1 Bikini line Session£100
6 Bikini line Sessions£500
1 Brazilian Session£100
6 Brazilian Sessions£650
1 Hollywood Session£150
6 Hollywood Sessions£750
1 Peri-anal area Session£50
6 Peri-anal area Sessions£250
1 Buttocks Session£130
6 Buttocks Sessions£650
1 Navel Pubis line Session£50
6 Navel Pubis line Sessions£250


1 Nose Session£60
6 Nose Sessions£300
1 Ears Session£50
6 Ears Sessions£250
1 Cheeks Session£60
6 Cheeks Sessions£300
1 Upper Lip Session£45
6 Upper Lip Sessions£220
1 Chin Session£60
6 Chin Sessions£300
1 Lip & Chin Session£80
6 Lip & Chin Sessions£400
1 Eyebrows – in between Session£40
6 Eyebrows – in between Sessions£200
1 Beard area Session£70
6 Beard area Sessions£350
1 Full face Session£150
6 Full face Sessions£750

Lower Body

1 Lower legs – all round Session£160
6 Lower legs – all round Sessions£800
1 Feet Session£70
6 Feet Sessions£350
1 Toes Session£50
6 Feet Sessions£250
1 Full Legs Session£240
6 Full Legs Sessions£1,200

Upper Body

1 Full arms Session£160
6 Full arms Sessions£800
1 Upper arms – all round Session£100
6 Upper arms – all round Sessions£490
1 Lower arms – all round Session£110
6 Lower arms – all round Sessions£550
1 Under arms Session£90
6 Under arms Sessions£450
1 Areola area Session£50
6 Areola area Sessions£250
1 Neck Session£70
6 Neck Sessions£350
1 Chest Session£130
6 Chest Sessions£650
1 Abdomen – whole Session£100
6 Abdomen – whole Sessions£490
1 Back – including shoulders Session£200
6 Back – including shoulders Sessions£950
1 Shoulders Session£90
6 Shoulders Sessions£450
1 Upper legs – all round Session£180
6 Upper legs – all round Sessions£900

GeneO+ Facial


GeneO+ Radio Frequency, Skin Tightening Only Face & Neck£57.00
Course of 6 GeneO+ Skin Tightening Facials£317.00


GeneO+ Facial, Face & Neck – exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate *without radio frequency (skin tightening)£77.00
Course of 6 GeneO+ Facial£427.00


GeneO+ Super Facial, Face & Neck – exfoliate, infuse, oxygenate and radio frequency (skin tightening)£87.00
Course of 6 GeneO+ Super Facial£486.00

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Patch Test)Free
Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Full 3x Sessions Final top up)*B/S
Scalp Micro Pigmentation Full (Full 3x Sessions Final top up)*B/S
Scalp Micro Pigmentation Full (Full 3x Sessions Final top up)*B/S
Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Size 1/2 3x Sessions Session 3)*B/S
Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Size 1/2 3x Sessions Session 2)*B/S
Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Size 1/2 3x Sessions Session 1)*B/S

Hair Thickening

Consualtation (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)FREE
Hair Thickening 3 Sessions (3rd Session)*B/S
Hair Thickening 3 Sessions (2nd Session)*B/S
Hair Thickening 3 Sessions (1st Session)*B/S

Tattoo Removal

Patch Test£5.00
Lips Contour – and Shading Removal£100.00
Lips Contour – Tattoo Removal (two)£60.00
Lips Contour – Tattoo Removal (one)£40.00
Eyeliner Removal (one)£50.00
Eyeliner Removal (two)£70.00
Eyebrow Removal (one)£40.00
Eyebrow Removal (two)£60.00
Bespoke Size (on arrangement)B/S*
Tattoo Removal 7 X 7 cm (1 Session)£80.00
Tattoo Removal 5 X 5 cm (1 Session)£60.00
Tattoo Removal 2.5 X 2.5 cm (1 Session)£40.00
Tattoo Removal 1.5 X 1.5 cm (1 Session)£25.00

Laser Freckles Removal

1 to 6 Freckles (with doctor’s permission)£200.00
1 to 3 Freckles (with doctor’s permission)£100.00

Laser Carbon Mask

Face Skin Laser Peeling£70.00
Face and Neck Skin Laser Peeling£100.00
Hands Skin Laser Peeling£50.00
Pigmentation Treatment£80.00
Laser Skin Acne Treatment£70.00


Half Leg£13.00
Full Leg£25.00
Full Leg & Bikini Line£32.00
Half Arm£10.00
Full Arm£15.00
Upper Lip£5.00
Back & Shoulder£20.00


Eyelash Tint£13.00
Eyebrow Tint£8.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint£15.00
Eyebrow Tint & Shape£15.00
Eyelash Tint & Eyebrow Tint & Shape£20.00
Eyebrow Shape£8.00

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions 3:1

Consultation and Patch TestFree
Full Set£75.00
Half Set£50.00
Infill To 2 Weeks£30.00
Infill To 2 Weeks to 4 Weeks£40.00

Eyelash Extensions 2:1

Consultation and Patch TestFree
Full Set£70.00
Half Set£45.00
Infill To 2 Weeks£25.00
Infill To 2 Weeks to 4 Weeks£35.00

Eyelash Extensions 1:1

Consultation and Patch TestFree
Full Set£65.00
Half Set£40.00
Infill To 2 Weeks£25.00
Infill To 2 Weeks to 4 Weeks£35.00

Eyelash Extensions Removal

Eyelash Extensions Removal£10.00

Nail Treatments

Hands & Feet

Shape & Polish£12.00£12.00
Shape & Polish French£15.00£15.00
Express (shape, cuticles, hard skin removal, massage, clear polish)£25.00£25.00
Deluxe (shape, cuticles, polish, hard skin removal, exfoliation, massage)£35.00£35.00
Luxury (deluxe with foot mask)£35.00£35.00
Gel Polish£30.00£30.00
SEMILAC Gel Polish£28.00£28.00
Deluxe & Gel Polish£45.00£45.00
Deluxe & SEMILAC Gel Polish£40.00£45.00


Soak Off£10.00
Gel Polish Toes£30.00
Soak Off With Shape£14.00
Soak Off With Shape and Polish£20.00
Nail Art Form£1.00
Repair Extension£4.50
Repair With Silk£2.00
Repair With Gel – On Top of Natural Nails£3.70


Microneedling (Face)

Single Session (45mins)£200.00
3 Session (45mins Each)£550.00
6 Sessions (45mins Each)£1000.00

Microneedling (Face & Neck)

Single Session (1h 15mins)£300.00
3 Sessions (1h 15mins Each)£800.00
6 Sessions (1h 15mins Each)£1500.00