• Name: Justyna Dabrowska
  • Treatment(s): Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Customer Requirements

Justyna is a regular client at Bianco Beauty who loves to experiment with new treatments. After seeing various before and after photos of our award-winning semi-permanent eyebrows, she opted to book in for a consultation.

As Justyna is lucky enough to have a naturally dark eyebrow shade, she wanted to achieve a fuller and more prominent brow shape without having to worry about applying makeup each morning.

Procedure of Treatment

During her consultation, Justyna discussed shape, style and shade options with our professional semi-permanent makeup artist. Collectively, they came to the decision that the individual hair technique would be best suited to Justyna’s style. Instead of recreating a new eyebrow shape, we would instead enhance her natural shape making them appear fuller and a darker to match her hair colour.

Justyna’s final outcome was very natural and perfectly suited her face shape and tone. Annual top-up appointments will be required to maintain her semi-permanent eyebrows.

Justyna Dabrowska semi-permanent eyebrows
Justyna Dabrowska semi-permanent eyebrows final outcome

Customer Feedback

" I was thrilled with the outcome of my eyebrows, they were exactly what I had hoped for, and I absolutely love waking up each morning to perfect eyebrows. Ewelina is exceptionally professional and made me feel at ease throughout my appointment, I will most definitely be returning in the future for more treatments, I would love semi-permanent lipstick! Couldn’t recommend Bianco Beauty enough!"