Customer Requirements

Nicole had always hoped to grow her natural nails rather than relying on extensions, however, noticed that whenever they reached her ideal length, they would break. Her nails were incredibly weak through damage over the years, but she loved pampering herself each month by getting them done.

Procedure of Treatment

Nicole visited Bianco Beauty after being recommended our nail treatments by a friend. We opted for gel polish on top of her natural nails to strengthen them and ensure that they no longer break or become brittle. To maintain healthy nails, we recommended Nicole returned to our beauty salon in Milton Keynes monthly to professionally soak off her existing colour and reapply a fresh set of gel polish.

pastel blue gel nails
matte black gel nails

Customer Feedback

"I absolutely love my monthly trips to Bianco Beauty to get my nails done, its a treat I always look forward to. They have so many gorgeous colours to chose from, I’m always spoilt for choice, and the staff are so friendly, it’s just like going to have a catch up with an old friend each month!"