Customer Requirements

For more than ten years, we have been perfecting our signature gel nail treatments and love to try out new designs on clients. Over time, natural nails tend to become weakened as they are exposed to all manner of conditions, and often become brittle. Sahar was one of our many clients who noticed that her nails would reach her ideal length and then break. She was searching for a way to not only keep her nails strong but also a way to keep them looking elegant at all times.

Procedure of Treatment

Gel nail polish is the perfect nail treatment to strengthen nails and allow them to grow naturally without becoming weak. Due to the several different coats of polish applied to the nail and then dried through a UV lamp, the gel is considerably less likely to chip or start to come off meaning your nails will remain perfectly coloured for up to a month.

Sahar opted for regular nail appointments at our beauty salon in Milton Keynes and now pays a monthly visit to give her nails some well-needed care. Her nails have remained strong, and have now reached her desired length with a gorgeous colour to finish off the look.

copper gel polish
blue gel polish

Customer Feedback

" I cannot recommend Bianco Beauty enough, they have the most amazing selection of pretty colours to chose from, and I love experimenting with different designs. I never have to worry about having untidy or unattractive nails, and even better, they stay looking perfect and feeling strong all the time!"