Customer Requirements

Helen first reached out to Bianco several months before she commenced treatment with a concern that the hair on her underarms and the constant need for shaving to remove it, often resulted in ingrown hairs. This is extremely common when shaving, and can cause a bruised-like pain when touched, can become infected and look unsightly.

During the consultation, Helen shared that she was still breastfeeding and was therefore advised by our practitioner to wait until she had finished breastfeeding to commence her treatment. However, the consultant ran through the treatment with Helen, what to expect and the outcomes, ready for when she was able to start her laser hair removal sessions.

Procedure of Treatment

When the time was right, Helen returned to the clinic for a further consultation and patch test before commencing treatment. The patch test is extremely important, as it advises our consultants as to whether it is safe for the client to carry out this procedure. If there are any side effects in a minimum of 24 hours, then this is a good indication that the client’s skin will not react well to the treatment. Luckily for Helen, there were no side effects or discomfort from the patch test, allowing her to go ahead with the treatment.

Bianco started the laser hair removal treatment, and Helen was delighted with the results after just one treatment. As you can see from the images below, there is already a massive reduction in hair growth under the arm, which has been achieved through just one session. Helen will continue with the remainder of the sessions from a course of 6 that she has purchased, regularly attending for optimum results.

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Helen's hair removal after one session
hair removal Helen

Client Feedback

"I am delighted with the results after only one session and am so looking forward to the long term results. I only wish I had started sooner! My experience at Bianco has been first class and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to anyone wanting laser hair removal. Thank you!"