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About Our Microneedling

Microneedling is the perfect solution for various different skin issues. Tiny micro-needles are rolled over the skin section by section using a Dermapen, slightly puncturing the skin, encouraging the skin the slowly repairs itself naturally and restore essential nutrients.

The stimulation of collagen is one of the primary benefits of Microneedling. After the skin is pricked with tiny needles, the dermis is then encouraged to reproduce collagen, which restores elasticity and smooths the texture of the skin.

Microneedling is widely used to dramatically decrease the appearance of scarring, in particularly, acne scarring, and also stretch marks due to its repairing qualities. It is likely to take a course of sessions, spread evenly apart, to achieve maximum results.

Prominent signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines can be noticeably decreased through Microneedling as once the skin starts producing more collagen, it will start to regain elasticity and plump to smooth out these issues.

Microneedling is a perfect option if you are finding that products such as moisturisers, face masks and serums are struggling to be absorbed by your skin. Once tiny punctures are made in the skin, the nourishing ingredients within products will sink deeply into the skin, maximising results.

Book Online And Receive A Free Consultation And Patch Test*

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We pride ourselves in achieving the very best results through our treatments. Regular training is carried out by all members of the team so we can guarantee both safe and effective services.

  • Dramatically reduce the signs of ageing
  • Remove scars and stretch marks
  • Award-winning beauty clinic
  • Cost-effective treatment plans
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Example of Our Microneedling



Microneedling (Face)

Single Session (45mins)£200.00
3 Sessions (45mins Each)£500.00
6 Sessions (45mins Each)£900.00

Microneedling (Face & Neck)

Single Session (1h 15mins)£300.00
3 Sessions (1h 15mins Each)£750.00
6 Sessions (1h 15mins Each)£1,400.00

Customer Testimonial

"I had suffered quite bad with acne as a teenager, which although is now under control, has left me with lots of scarring which is proving tricky to cover with makeup. I’d been to Bianco Beauty in the past for other treatments and always received an outstanding level of customer service and equally as amazing results, so I knew I was in safe hands! After four microneedling treatments, I couldn’t believe how much of a noticeable difference I could see, I wish I’d booked in sooner!"