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Male & Female Laser Hair Removal

Our laser hair removal in Milton Keynes is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures for both women and men of all ages. It offers a long-term hair removal treatment, which destroys the hair follicles through the use of intense pulsed light or a laser. Your practitioner will use the latest technology on a personalised programme to give optimum results for your skin and hair type.

Laser Hair Removal For Women

Upper lip hair is extremely common for women, particularly those with darker hair. While it is normal, it can cause a lack of confidence for women, with many solutions such as hair removal creams and shaving causing the discomfort and the hair to grow back quickly. An easy, cost-effective and permanent solution is to book in for laser hair removal for women in Milton Keynes. Our laser hair removal is tailored to the area being treated, whether it is the bikini laser hair removal in Milton Keynes, upper lip, legs or full body laser hair removal in Milton Keynes.

Laser Hair Removal For Men

While it is not often considered for men, laser hair removal is an excellent solution for those that suffer with excessive hair growth, back hair, chest hair or other areas that cause a lack of confidence. Our professional team will discuss with you the best route for your area of concern, devising a tailored plan with a set number of treatments based on the colour and thickness of the hair. Contact our team today to find out more and book in for your laser hair removal for men in Milton Keynes.

Types of Laser Hair Removal We Offer

At our laser clinic in Milton Keynes, Laser hair removal is the ideal treatment for people who suffer from excessive hair growth and is commonly used to avoid the need for constant shaving and the pain of ingrown hairs. The most popular areas for laser hair removal treatment are legs, underarms, bikini area and face but clients also benefit from the reduction of hair on the chest, back and stomach. There is no area that we can’t treat! Here are some of the many areas we laser when we perform our pain free hair removal in milton keynes:

Laser Hair Removal Legs

Laser Hair Removal For Legs

Spend less time worrying about hair growing back after just a day or two of shaving, and enjoy smooth, hairless skin for months on end by booking in for laser hair removal for legs in Milton Keynes. You can choose to have just the lower leg or both the upper and lower leg treated.

Laser Hair Removal Face

Laser Hair Removal For Face

Especially for women, the face can be a problematic area that causes a reduction in self-esteem, which is why we offer laser hair removal for face in Milton Keynes. The upper lip and chin areas can be treated when booking in for this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Back

Laser Hair Removal For Back

The back can be a hard to reach area, with is why laser hair removal is a popular choice. Book your laser hair removal for back in Milton Keynes with our experienced and professional team, who can create a bespoke treatment plan based on your requirements.

Why Choose Bianco Beauty?

We pride ourselves on providing the highest trained professionals who can give you high-quality treatments in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Award-winning beauty clinic
  • Many years of experience
  • Large portfolio of clients
  • Train students in the removal of hair at our academy
  • Fully qualified and insured
  • Free consultations and patch tests
  • Strict safety and hygiene processes in place

Where You Can Find Us

We are located on Fifth Street in Milton Keynes, which is directly opposite the Hub. The clinic is located about a 3-minute drive from The Centre:MK and 5 minutes from the Milton Keynes train station. Alternatively, you can walk from The Centre:MK in 9 minutes or from the train station in around 15-20 minutes. If you struggle to find the clinic, then please feel free to contact our team, who will be more than happy to provide you with directions from your current location.

Examples of Our Laser Hair Removal Treatment


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Youtube video


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Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

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Laser Hair Removal Prices

Female Laser Hair Removal

Treatment Price
Consultation for Laser Hair Removal £0.00
Patch Test £0.00
Upper Lip From £40.00
Chin From £45.00
Upper lip & Chin From £55.00
Full Face From £75.00
Full Face & Neck From £130.00
Under Arms From £65.00
Half Arms From £95.00
Full Arms From £145.00
Bikini Line From £75.00
Brazilian From £110.00
Hollywood From £130.00
Peri Anal Area From £55.00
Navel Pubis Line From £55.00
Half Legs From £125.00
Full Legs From £220.00

Male Laser Hair Removal

Treatment Price
Eyebrows (in between) From £35.00
Ears From £45.00
Beard From £85.00
Front of Neck From £70.00
Half Arms From £100.00
Full Arms From £180.00
Upper Back (including shoulders) From £130.00
Full Back From £190.00
Chest From £130.00

Client Testimonial

"I have been going to Bianco Beauty for about a year now for laser hair removal, and the quality and service has been amazing. I have started a new treatment of laser hair removal on my legs, and I’m always so impressed with the outcome. The team are amazing and always so friendly. They are so welcoming, and they put you at ease for the treatment!"