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An insight into Cosmetic Tattooing

Semi-permanent Makeup is also know as a Cosmetic Tattoo as it is a similar procedure to a ‘normal’ tattoo, however is performed a little differently to create the appearance of makeup. At Bianco Beauty, we allocate you a 2-3 hour first appointment. This includes going through your paperwork, picking your individual shape and specific shade to match your tone, as well as the actual treatment.

Everyone reacts to tattooing differently, which means the duration that the colour will last and how often you will need a top up depends on you. You will have to book in a short top up treatment after 4 weeks, but post top up your Cosmetic Tattoo can last anywhere between 8 months to 2 years.

Book Online And Receive A Free Consultation And Patch Test*

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Before starting your Semi-permanent eyebrow treatments our eyebrow specialist will assess your brow type, colour and face shape to decide, along with your help, the perfect brows for you. It is your choice the type of brow you have, whether you go for individual strokes or a block colour.

The most common question associated with cosmetic brow tattoos is whether you need to shave off or pluck your eyebrows before your treatment. The answer is no. The aim of cosmetic tattoos is to enhance your natural features, not to make new ones.

Cosmetic Tattoo on Eyebrows


The best way to decide on what shade you would like tattooed for your lips is to try out several different lipstick colours. Once you find one, bring it with you to your consultation and our specialist will use it to help blend a custom colour as close to your ideal shade as possible.

A common query regarding Semi-permanent lip makeup is whether you are able to get lip fillers with the treatment. The answer is yes, but you always have to get the tattooing first and allow it to fully heal before you can get lip fillers. Fillers do not last as long as your tattooing will, which means you want to tattoo on natural lips and then the colour will stay when they are filled.

Cosmetic Tattoo on Lips


Your Semi-permanent eyeliner can be as subtle or as dramatic as you please, as well as any colour you choose. We have a range of thin to thicker tattoo needles to ensure to get your dream result. Our expert is highly experienced, which means more sensitive eyes can also be tattooed on; watery and sensitive eyes are more common than you would expect.

If you regularly get your eyelashes tinted, then it is recommended to try and get them done at least one week prior to your appointment if not longer, the longer before the better. Lash extensions should not be worn whilst you get your treatment done, as they will interfere and most likely get ruined during the process.

Cosmetic Tattoo on Eyeliner


We are delighted to welcome our exciting new range of pigment colours for semi-permanent eyebrows by the revolutionary, Tina Davies! These are 100% safe and cruelty-free pigments holding an unrivalled colour performance with excellent colour retention event after just one treatment! With light to dark shades to suit any skin tone or hair colour, these pigments give fabulous guaranteed, long-lasting results that both artists and clients will love!

Pigments Box
Pigments Bottles

Why Choose Us

  • Styles suited to you
  • Can bring a photo of what you like for guidance
  • Custom blended coloured
  • Natural looking results
  • Minimal pain
  • 3-7 day healing time
  • Colour tested on you prior to treatment to confirm
  • Complimentary healing balm and aftercare instructions

Example of Our Semi-permanent Makeup


Semi-Permanent Makeup Prices

Treatment Price
Consultation FREE
Patch Test £10.00
Lips Contour With Shading (Patch Test Required) £340.00
Eyebrows Hair Stroke Method (Patch Test Required) £320.00
Eyebrows Shading Method (Patch Test Required) £320.00
Eyebrows Hair Strokes With Shading (Patch Test Required) £320.00
Eyebrows Ombre (Patch Test Required) £320.00
Decorative Eyeliner – Upper (Patch Test Required) £280.00
Eyeliner Upper (Patch Test Required) £200.00
Eyeliner Lower (Patch Test Required) £120.00
Upper and Lower Eyeliner £360 (Save £40)
Beauty Spot £40 / Each

Customer Testimonial

"After years of going though one lipstick a month of my favourite colour, I decided to get a cosmetic lip tattoo. My specialist matched the shade exact to my favourite colour and couldn’t have asked for a better result!"