An insight into Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup is also know as a Cosmetic Tattoo as it is a similar procedure to a ‘normal’ tattoo, however, is performed a little differently to create the appearance of make-up. At Bianco Beauty, we invite you in for an initial consultation, where our award-winning linergist will explain what’s involved, run through a consultation form and answer any questions you may have. You will need to have a patch test in advance of the treatment session. The Semi-Permanent Make-Up treatment is completed in two sessions; the first session is around 3 hours, where the shape will be mapped out and agreed before the pigment is applied. A second appointment 4-8 weeks later will complete your treatment.

Whilst it’s called Semi-Permanent Make-Up this is a permanent procedure, however, with time the pigment will fade, so to keep the colour density and shape, we recommend colour boosts from 12 months after the initial treatment.


Before starting your Semi-Permanent eyebrow in Milton Keynes treatment, our eyebrow specialist will assess your brow type, colour and face shape to decide, along with your help, the perfect brows for you. The new brow shape will be carefully mapped and agreed by you before any pigment is added to the skin.

The most common question associated with cosmetic brow tattoos is whether you need to shave off or pluck your eyebrows before your treatment. The answer is no. The aim of cosmetic tattoos is to enhance your natural features, not to make new ones.

Cosmetic Tattoo on Eyebrows


The best way to decide on what shade you would like tattooed on your lips is to try out several different lipstick colours. Our range of pigments offer clients a great selection, and we have matching lipsticks for you to try in advance of the pigment being applied. Our award-winning linergist will map out the lip shape, working with your natural shape and outline to provide definition. Colours will initially be brighter and then fade to a lighter shade.

A common query regarding our Semi-Permanent lips in Milton Keynes treatment is whether you are able to get lip fillers with the treatment. The answer is yes, but it is important to discuss this at your consultation to ensure you achieve optimum results from your Semi-Permanent Make-Up.

Cosmetic Tattoo on Lips


Our Semi-Permanent eyeliner in Milton Keynes treatment can be as subtle or as dramatic as you please, as well as any colour you choose. Our highly experienced artist will draw the shape before applying pigment. Even sensitive eye areas can be tattooed on; watery and sensitive eyes are more common than you would expect.

If you regularly get your eyelashes tinted, then it is recommended to wait at least two weeks before having your Semi-Permanent eyeliner Make-Up treatment. If worn, lash extensions should be removed a week before the treatment.

Cosmetic Tattoo on Eyeliner


Our wide range of pigments are 100% safe, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, holding an unrivalled colour performance with excellent colour retention even after just one treatment! With light to dark shades to suit any skin tone or hair colour, these pigments give fabulous guaranteed, long-lasting results that both artists and clients will love!

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  • Award-winning Semi Permanent Make-Up Specialist
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Semi-Permanent Make-Up safe?

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How To Travel To Our Clinic

We have a beautifully modern clinic based in Central Milton Keynes, nearby to many fantastic hotspots. Whether you are local to the area or travelling from further afield, you will be pleased to know that our clinic is in a convenient location that is straightforward to find. Here are some tips for finding us:

Travel By Car:We have a free car park directly outside of our clinic for our clients. If you are travelling from outside of Milton Keynes, you will need to leave the M1 at Junction 14 and then head into Central Milton Keynes. Look out for Sainsbury’s as we are based right next to the store!

Travel By Train:Milton Keynes Central train station is just a 5-minute drive or 20-minute walk from our clinic. There will always be local taxi companies outside of the station, so if you provide them with our postcode MK9 2PQ, they will be able to drop you off outside.

Travel By Bus:Witan Gate House Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop to our clinic and just over a 5-minute walk away. Simply walk along Witan Gate onto Avebury Boulevard and then up to South Fifth Street.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup Prices

Treatment Price
Consultation £20.00
Patch Test (required in advance of all treatments) £0.00
Beauty Spot £50.00
Lips Contour With Shading £390.00
Lips Colour Correction £460.00
Eyebrows Ombre £360.00
Eyebrows Shading £360.00
Eyebrows Hair Stroke with Shading £360.00
Eyeliner Upper £210.00
Eyeliner Lower £150.00
Eyeliner Upper and Eyeliner Lower £330
Decorative Eyeliner Upper £330
Decorative Eyeliner Upper & Eyeliner Lower £430
Smokey Eyeliner £380
Smokey Eyeliner Upper & Eyeliner Lower £460
Colour Boost Up To 6 Months £95
Colour Boost 6 Months – 9 Months £135
Colour Boost 9 Months – 12 Months £165
Colour Boost 12 Months – 18 Months £185
Colour Boost 18 Months – 24 Months £215

We have a 48 HOUR CANCELLATION notice on all our semi-permanent make-up treatment

Customer Testimonial

"II highly recommend Bianco Beauty! Ewelina did my eyebrows, and I can’t describe how happy I am! Throughout the sessions, I had the opportunity to notice that her place is extremely clean; the staff value their clients and that their goal is to make their clients happy and satisfied. As Ewelina was doing my eyebrows she was explaining everything step by step, this made me feel more comfortable. I Could see that she is confident and very professional!"